Beni Imo Saturday

I have accomplished plenty today yet at the same time, failed miserably with certain tasks.

I am not going to pay too much mind to it.

Instead, I am going to munch my way through some delicious Japanese treats.

A cuppa tea fixes all! Today's choice is green.
My little mug is from People Will Always Need Plates and depicts the Trellick Tower here in London.

One of my favourite Japanese flavours is "beni imo" which is essentially a purple sweet potato native to the southern Islands of Japan. Now I know that many of you may grimace at my choice BUT you will have to take my word and believe me when I tell you that it is delicious!

This is Fujiya's Country Ma'am Kyushu area exclusive beni imo cookie. It is soooooo good.

I also tucked into some mini beni imo KitKats which are Okinawa area exclusives.

I really like this Japanese idea of having regional and exclusive versions of popular snacks. Imagine if we were to have regional flavoured Walker's Crisps here in the UK. I wonder what flavour London would be?

Any guesses?

How about jellied eel?


  1. mmm that looks so good! I've tried that kitkat flavour yummy!

  2. Looks yummy!
    One thing I must do when I visit Asia again is to stock up of delish snacks, especially the wide range of kit kats ^^
    Haha jellied eels walkers would be something interesting! xx

  3. Hello Eva. Thanks for looking :)

  4. Some of the KitKat flavours are plain bonkers. Tokyo had a shoyu one when last I was there.

  5. Is this like yam? Hmmmm, the one thing I eat most in London is probably is Japanese food but as for British food, I'd say.... fishy fish? XD

  6. Purple Kit Kats?! I've never seen such things! I thought they only came in chocolate!


  7. aww that kit kat looks so yummy!

  8. Oh my, that cookie looks delicious! I just saw some beni imo at the local Japanese market last weekend... perhaps I'll pick some up and try to bake my own cookies (something easy, though, hehe).

  9. oops, that last comment was me on the wrong disqus thingy

  10. Yum! There's a similar sweet yam in Philippines (it's called Ube) - maybe they are the same? I love all the regional kit-kats though there are certainly disgusting ones (shoyu, wasabi)

    Hope you have a fantastic sunday!

  11. Itsalondonthing Imz27 March 2011 at 23:09

    I saw the title and was like wah! thats me name! I like purple its my fave colour =D x

  12. Itsalondonthing Imz27 March 2011 at 23:10

    London would be pie and mash flavour crisps or mushy pea flavour. I think the latter would be quite yum

  13. I told you!! In Japanese your name can mean potato! That is why I call you my likkle spud x

  14. Me and my boyf wikipedia'd Kitkats the other day (can't remember why) but Japan had millions of flavours and variations of it. I found it absolutely amazing, i wanted to try them all!

  15. when I saw pics of your beni imo treats, it totally made me think of ube (purple yam)! I'm not sure if they're the same thing though, but if you ever go to the Philippines you can get ube ice cream, ube cake, and any other treat made with it :)

    oddly enough, my parents were talking about beni imo the other day and it made me think of you :)


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