The Battle of the Blenders

I am celebrating the day that I started to use blending sponges to apply my plasterwork! They work much better than my fingers ever did at blending my foundation/BB cream into a smooth and even finish.

I am currently alternating between the "Beauty Blender" and the "Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection" sponges.

It's not that I am intentionally being diplomatic, BUT these are both really bloomin' good!

How do I use them?

I tend to wet my sponges and the squeeeeeeeeeze out the water before gently squeezing again in a dry towel (don't use a white one!).

I then splodge a bit of foundation or BB cream on the back of my hand, dab, then bounce bounce bounce the sponge all over my mug.

How do they compare?

The Cosmo sponge (close up above) is definitely denser than the Beauty Blender which gives me a more even finish in less time.


The Beauty Blender (close up above) has a lighter touch than the Cosmo sponge which is great for applying cream blusher.

I am certain that this difference is to do with the make up of the blenders. The Cosmo blender certainly feels more foam-ish than sponge-ish than the Beauty Blender.

Then there is the cost. The Beauty blender is about £14.00 depending on where you get it from (I got mine from Zuneta). While the Cosmo dupe (for that is what it is), comes in at £4.99 from Superdrug.

I will absolutely buy the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge again as it is so affordable and does the job with such ease. As for the Beauty Blender, as good as it is, I will probably pass now that I can have something just as good but at a fraction of the cost.

I do love a bargain and hurrah for dupes that work.


  1. I love using the Beauty Blender with heavier foundations/BB creams to get the same effect without feeling as heavy on my skin (even if I have to clean it more frequently than my brushes)...I'm going to have to try using them on my cream blush the next time I do my makeup!

  2. They are lovely to look at, sweet shot. Good that they serve a good purpose too. Xxxx

  3. I have the beauty blender and now after your review I want to try the cosmo sponge.
    All I have to do is find it! My superdrug is huge but has nothing!! xD


  4. I love love love the cosmo sponge! I'm rotating which side I use so it doesn't wear out incredibly quickly, but it's been over a month and I am still in love. <3 I've only been using it with liquid foundations (I use my fingers for cream blushes) but I wonder how it would do with creams foundations? Must try it someday :)

    You should do a review on how you clean them! Like the beautyblender cleanser vs. daiso soap vs. castille soap, please :)?

  5. The Cosmo blender looks just like the Forever21 blender. I bought it because it's such a great dupe to the other more expensive blenders, it does a great job too.

  6. nice post! I love finding dupes ^^ the cosmo one sounds really good but it's not offered in my country unfortunately ><

  7. thanks for the comparison!! :D when i was just looking at the photos i thought the Beauty Blender just looks so much better in colour and quality. it's great to hear it's just as good but so much cheaper!

  8. It's as though you read my mind. I am working on such a post now.

  9. Thanks for the review! I really want to try the beauty blender brushes but unfortunately they're pretty hard to get over here :| Hopefully I'll find some if I go traveling this year.

  10. Thanks for looking Tammy. These are great, grab them when they land on your shores.

  11. i have the beauty blender and love it. i've never tried cosmo sponge before. i'm glad it works so well for you. gotta try it.

  12. might because my extreme dry skin. i used the cosmo one but felt terrible. it absorbs the oil out of foundation quite a lot ( i guess) and left uneven layer on the skin, which might cause the dull and flake look soon.

  13. Oh goodness! I am sorry that this didnt work for you Lily!

    I too have dry skin so I tend prep my face with lotion then moisturiser THEN BB cream, which I apply with the sponge. Which foundation do you use?

  14. Iris of Rouge Deluxe bought the Cosmo version for me and I bought a new BB some time back. Am looking forward to comparing the two. Thanks for this post!


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