AWOL Nails

I am back and in a better frame o' mind!

I got this nail polish from Topshop because it sort of went "KAPOW" in my mind.

It's a sort of cartoonish (think Bananaman or Superman) blue rather than a gloomy blue and I like it very muchly.

This is it with 2 coats.

It applied well, took a while to dry but that was sorted with a bit of Seche Vite on top.

It's my window, I can't stand the rain.

You can get yours here.


  1. What a fantastic blue! Looks like a perfectly sunny, cloudless sky :) Hopefully we both get nice weather soon!

  2. so awesome! Reminds me of No7 Poolside Blue xx

  3. I used to love bananaman! :D
    Really nice bright shade! I'm liking the bright pink one in their new collection too! xxx

  4. I like cartoons. Okay...I love them! I think someone should do a Brit Cartoon collection. Bananaman, Dangermouse and ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Superted?

  5. Superman blue! Loving the colour :)


  6. Missy!

    I wanted this but haven't found it in a single Topshop. I'll have to peel my eyes and have good look the next time I'm in.

    I used to LOVE Bananaman, good old Eric living on Acacia Avenue/Street. I only remember that because my aunt used to live on the same road.

  7. Fashionistable2 March 2011 at 22:38

    Kapow and beautiful. Off to Topshop I go. Glad to hear you are a bit perkier. Xxxx

  8. Lovely color! Will have to take a look at Topshop soon.

  9. Hitomi Kato-moore3 March 2011 at 14:02

    Wowsers I love it!!! Tis soooo vibrant

  10. what a fun blue! reminds me of MAC's superwoman collection, but i bet this polish applies much better :)


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