ADDICTION : Super Woman

Receiving some ADDICTION in the post is an enormous joy.

Joy x 100 when it is red.

Isn't that a fab name?

ADDICTION's Super Woman lipstick is part of their "S" range which comprises of a number of sheer type lipsticks. While they may not be intensely pigmented, they do impart a nice "juicy" looking wash of colour. You are also able to build on the colour to make it a little more vibrant if you like.

I am rather fond of this range because they are so wearable in my everyday. These lipsticks are moisturising without feeling sticky and they last a while too.

ADDICTION is fast becoming one of my favourite brands of late. Currently only available in Japan, you can purchase items from the following sellers:

Fumiko's Blog
Mihoko Shop


  1. Totally gorgeous colour!
    I much prefer sheer-but-buildable to opaque and japanese brands excel at that sort of thing...
    Nina x

  2. Very true Nina. Have you tried anything from ADDICTION yet? The shadows are simply amazing.

  3. LOVE this. I have the orange Confiture in the sheer range, the texture is just perfect. >blames you for next Addiction order.

  4. No, not yet. Have drooled enough over pics and swatches over at Grace's though lol...

  5. Ohh I like!! As much as I love bright lippies, these sheer builable shades are more wearable for all occassions.
    I hope Addiction become more widely available soon where prices are not too marked up :(

  6. You make me want to try a lippie >__< But I am SO excited for my eyeshadows and I think my next purchase is definitely a blush. And then maybe lip products. MAYBE. But I think I will try a gloss, first (Azalea looks amazing!)

  7. tricky tricky! i have heard of this brand actually...i want some of their eye shadows *which i never tend to want* the lippies look so vibrant yet comes out so soft and sheer on the lips...i might have to seek this out...the packaging is swank as well...im a sucka for black sticks

  8. Oooh nice lipstick. I need some new ones. Will try this brand. Xxxx

  9. Problem is that ADDICTICTION is pricey anyway in Japan. *sigh*

  10. >hides. But their range is just so good. I blame you for me lusting over Crow.

  11. Azalea is wonderful.

  12. addicted to addiction XD! i havent got a lippie yet. will have to fix this.

  13. What a pretty lippie! I for one *love* buildable lippies, especially when they're moisturising too! I hope the brand becomes more widely available too, but until then will probably need to have a proper look into it and have to get a CP! I find the problem with getting stuff that isn't available here is that it takes much more effort to work out what on earth you want, as you can't just saunter up to a counter and grab anything that catches your fancy! And you're more likely to mull over CPs than spontaneous purchases at counters, that's how I find it anyway!

  14. Oh, how soft and lovely! I didn't imagine it would come out like that. Never heard of this range before so thanks for sharing

  15. gorgeous colour!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx


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