My Friend the Style Blogger

I am rather excited about this edition of "Friends of Worshipblues" as it is all about my friend in blogging and occasional grammar teacher, the splendid Mr. Nyanzi.

If you have not chanced upon his blog yet, you really ought to rectify that now as it is a place of great style, photography, intelligence and humour. Step to it!

Mr. Nyanzi very kindly took the time to answer my page of questions and so it is with great pleasure that I bring you this candid interview accompanied with some photos that I have pilfered from his blog.

An Interview with the eagle eyed Mr. Nyanzi.

Tell us something about yourself, anything at all!

Ugandan-born and bred, been a Londoner in spirit, blood and soul since birth. London is my spiritual home. My heart lies here. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. She inspires me on a daily basis. My day job involves working part time in a design studio for a small menswear company based in South London and 'other projects' that shall remain anonymous.

How and why did you step into blogging?

I stepped into fashion blogging mainly because I saw it as a platform to interact with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Who are your inspirations? Not necessarily in fashion or blogging alone but in general?

My inspirations are those individuals that build something bigger than they ever imagined when they started it from zero to stratospheric proportions through blood, sweat and tears - for example Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Natalie Massenet (NET-A-PORTER).

How do you choose a person to photograph? What catches your eye?

Originality in style catches my eye. Here's a few examples:

a). It could be a seventy-year old man that's flipped the lapels on his jacket to keep warm and it reveals an interesting pattern on the back for example,

b). or it could be a sixteen-year old female student wearing an over-sized male plaid shirt probably from her boy friend or older brother or dad as a skirt and tied it round her waist twinned with doc martens,

c). or it could be a minimalist monotone outfit with different textures and clever layering that catches my eye,

d). or it could be just the way someone wears an ordinary pair of pants but their swagger - the way they walk catches my eye and I try to shoot them in motion just to capture that spirit of 'coolness'.

e). or it could be the way someone holds their cigarette and posture while they're at it.

Those are just a few of the examples that will make me approach someone for a picture. The fun is in not knowing what you're going to find when I go out street hunting.

How would you describe street style in London?

London street style is sporadic and very exciting.

Do you have a photo that you are most proud of taking?

Yes I do have quite a few favorites but there's this one picture I shot on Brick Lane a while ago that's yet to make the blog - maybe it won't because it such a masterpiece and everyone in my 'inner circle' that I show it to is left open-mouthed. Some times, I will take a shot and right there and then it stirs something up in my spirit. That's when I know I've 'nailed it!'

Are there any kinds of clothing that you personally absolutely avoid wearing?

Yes, anything that makes me feel uncomfortable however stylish it may be, I avoid like the plague.

What is your favourite time of the day?

My favorite time of day is on a Friday afternoon when the sun is out, everybody is excited about the up-coming weekend. That's when I get very good shots.

What is the last book that you read?

The story of Job in the Bible.

If you could tell the entire world one thing, what would you say?

"I'd rather die enormous than live dormant." Let me expand on this:

Dying enormous means having lived your life - however brief - full of happy spontaneous memories with loved ones around you - private jets down to Turks and Caicos with friends, Champagne by the case-load, one life to live, cannot let a day go by without being happy from head to toe till the day I die even if it means having no discernible source of income as long as you have the freedom to steer your destiny in your own hands.

Living dormant means a life of banal anonymity that gives me the creeps just by the thought of it. It's like going through a forest and finding no firewood. Most people live this kind of life of predictable, boring and down right depressing life of waking up at six am to go to work for a faceless organisation that does not recognize your talents and then back home at six pm on an overcrowded, overpriced, delayed train with millions of other faceless individuals all thinking about how the hell they're going to pay their mortgage, send their kids off to school, pay the overdraft on those cards, pay the car loan and also take care of their nagging over-demanding wife that's having it on with the postman but you cannot divorce them because it means a costly divorce and nights sitting in a cold, desolate, overpriced flat in south London eating microwave pizza.

I would like to say a huge thank you to The Nyanzi Report for taking the time to partake in this feature and allowing me to tea leaf some images. Please do visit the blog here: The Nyanzi Report
I look forward to spending some time loitering in London with you soon!
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Fings What I Like #5

Marvellous silk cushions.

Spotted: In The Conran Shop Marylebone, London.

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My Beauty Diary Orange Flower Mask

After hearing about these on Birkinbeauty's brilliant blog, I sought to find some for myself.

I am a fan of the delicate scent of Orange Blossoms as it conjures up memories of Med holidays.

I am happy to report that the fragrance is lovely and it lends itself well as a nice evening treatment. A perfect way to wind down.

The mask is supposed to have brightening and soothing qualities. I honestly cannot endorse it's brightening effect as I have not noticed one but it is very soothing it does impart a nice moisture boost.

This is a Limited Edition offering from My Beauty Diary so get yours while you can.
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A Walk in The Park

We took a walk in the tepid Spring sunshine

Too long have we gone without luminous warmth in London.

Nebulous meanderings are my favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So cameras in hand, we stroll and capture memories and moments.

Meet my Diana +.

She is quite a picture.

As was the little lady and her bubbles.

And now that Spring is here, we look forward to Summer!

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Fings What I Like #4

Passion fruit meringue tartlet
Spotted in: Ottolenghi, Islington, London.

Taken home and devoured.

Plate: Royal Albert
Spoon: Alessi Big Love Ice Cream Spoon
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Beni Imo Saturday

I have accomplished plenty today yet at the same time, failed miserably with certain tasks.

I am not going to pay too much mind to it.

Instead, I am going to munch my way through some delicious Japanese treats.

A cuppa tea fixes all! Today's choice is green.
My little mug is from People Will Always Need Plates and depicts the Trellick Tower here in London.

One of my favourite Japanese flavours is "beni imo" which is essentially a purple sweet potato native to the southern Islands of Japan. Now I know that many of you may grimace at my choice BUT you will have to take my word and believe me when I tell you that it is delicious!

This is Fujiya's Country Ma'am Kyushu area exclusive beni imo cookie. It is soooooo good.

I also tucked into some mini beni imo KitKats which are Okinawa area exclusives.

I really like this Japanese idea of having regional and exclusive versions of popular snacks. Imagine if we were to have regional flavoured Walker's Crisps here in the UK. I wonder what flavour London would be?

Any guesses?

How about jellied eel?

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The Battle of the Blenders

I am celebrating the day that I started to use blending sponges to apply my plasterwork! They work much better than my fingers ever did at blending my foundation/BB cream into a smooth and even finish.

I am currently alternating between the "Beauty Blender" and the "Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection" sponges.

It's not that I am intentionally being diplomatic, BUT these are both really bloomin' good!

How do I use them?

I tend to wet my sponges and the squeeeeeeeeeze out the water before gently squeezing again in a dry towel (don't use a white one!).

I then splodge a bit of foundation or BB cream on the back of my hand, dab, then bounce bounce bounce the sponge all over my mug.

How do they compare?

The Cosmo sponge (close up above) is definitely denser than the Beauty Blender which gives me a more even finish in less time.


The Beauty Blender (close up above) has a lighter touch than the Cosmo sponge which is great for applying cream blusher.

I am certain that this difference is to do with the make up of the blenders. The Cosmo blender certainly feels more foam-ish than sponge-ish than the Beauty Blender.

Then there is the cost. The Beauty blender is about £14.00 depending on where you get it from (I got mine from Zuneta). While the Cosmo dupe (for that is what it is), comes in at £4.99 from Superdrug.

I will absolutely buy the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge again as it is so affordable and does the job with such ease. As for the Beauty Blender, as good as it is, I will probably pass now that I can have something just as good but at a fraction of the cost.

I do love a bargain and hurrah for dupes that work.
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The Worshipblues Wonder Emporium + Manish Arora

It's Friday party people!!

Though I must admit that I won't be partying tonight....uh uh! Instead I shall be brandishing my pliers and get busy making Shiny Fings!

I am a bit of a tease and so I am here today to pique your peepers with a glimpse of things to come at the Worshipblues Emporium.

This Spring/Summer is all about the BRIGHTS and not many do it better than Manish Arora. Many of my makeup loving readers will remember his fantabulous collaboration with MAC...yes he can work those resplendent colours into a vibrant frenzy!

Manish Arora has recently done a collaboration with
, Swarovski, the masters of all things crystal, and come up with these astonishingly beautiful pendants.

The Swarovski Devoted 2 U collection includes these lavishly lopsided stylised hearts that burst forth in 2 dichroic shades. There is "Red Magma" which is an earthy red that has a golden glow about it and "Astral Pink" which is a gorgeous amber shade with pink glow.

Now I have purposely "messed" with these images as true photos will be up ♦HERE♦ soon.

If you have signed up to my mailing list you will get a preview on Monday. If you haven't signed up, please do so by dropping me a line or two here: Questions at Worshipblues dot com.

I wish you all a super weekend x
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Fings What I Like #3

After work on a sunny day........

Quilmes Beer from Argentina
Spotted in Cuba Libre, Islington, London
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Take a look at this nail polish!

It sort of reminds me of Dorothy's covetable shiny red magical shoes.

"Chancer" is my second Butter London Polish purchase and so far, I must declare it to be my favourite.

This is it on with 3 coats and a lick of Seche Vite.

I am baffled with the review that report Chancer to be on the gloopy side. I dare to declare that this applied easily for me. It isn't the fastest drying polish out there but it you can fix a fast drying top coat.

I like this and can see myself wearing thing all year round.

Available from Zuneta
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The Worshipblues Wonder Emporium

Some of you may recall that once, I used to make shiny fings.

I have decided that it is high time that I picked up my pliers, delved back into my imagination and opened the doors to the Worshipblues Wonder Emporium once more!

Many things are changing in my life. After 6 years, in June, I have made a brave/stupid/insane decision to step down from my current "real life" job and find a part time role to pay the bills etc whilst I pursue more creative avenues. I need to be more "ME". Hence my return to what I love doing......MAKING SHINY PRETTY LOVELY FINGS!

I will do my best not to disappoint you. I will be making my return bigger and better than before. I have been honing some new skills and now this Old Cow has a host of tricks up her sleeve.

If you would like me add you to my mailing for email alerts and special previews, please drop me a line at: Questions @ Worshipblues dot com

Please wish me good fortune and a heap of courage for I am currently scared out of my wits!

"All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

Layin' in the sun,

Talkin' bout the things they woulda-coulda-shoulda done...

But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas,

All ran away and hid, from one little did."

Shel Silverstein

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Marine Bath

Wallowing in a bath at the end of the day is a supreme joy.

I shrug my shoulders at Bubble baths. I have cast aside bath oils. These days bath powders are my prefered bathing additives and while I have many favourites, I am delighted with this recent find.

I admit that I rather like the simple graphics on this cardboard tub of bathing salts, however, it is terribly inpractical to have this in the bathroom. No one likes soggy cardboard!

Oh, but wait a moment........

The bath salts are actually packaged in a clear plastic bag within the carboard tube which I suppose is a pragmatic yet basic solution.

The salts themselves are great! They smell clean in a powdery, seashore type way. It provides a calm and soothing bathtime treat and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

Muji is a no frills minimalist brand that lays emphasis on recycling and being eco kind so these salts tick all the boxes and in the usual Muji way, provides good quality for little cost.

£5.95 for 300grams is a good buy in my opinion.

Available here.
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Fings What I Like #2

I Like these coat stands.

Tree coat stand by Swedese.
Spotted in Skandium, Marylebone, London.

More details here
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My Friend the Shoemaker

*Sparks are flying about my brain at the moment*

Yes, I have ANOTHER new feature to try out with you. I want to introduce some "Friends of Worshipblues" to you all. Talented, noble visionaries that I have a good vibe in my bones about. Are you up for meeting some new brilliance? I sure do hope so!

I have a friend who has a great talent for making shoes. He makes them by hand in a workshop in downtown Tokyo. One day, I would like to ask him to make me a fine pair too.

We met Yudai through a dear friend and Hiro and I were blown away by his distinctively cool (I don't use that word lightly) mien.

Yudai tells me that his design principles are based on:

between Classic and Modern
from Classic to Modern
from Modern to Classic"

I look forward to seeing many more fabulous things coming from his "INI" studio.

Keep an eye on him here.

Photos were taken by "Mappa"
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Drowsy Disposition

Do you ever have one of those days when all seems utterly tedious?

When you wish that you could have stayed in bed all day?

Do ever just feel like switching off?

It would be nice to just loiter around the antiques stalls of Camden Passage today.

Or perhaps while away some hours capturing moments on film.

Unfortunately. There is no time for dreaming this Monday. There is far to much to accomplish before my bed beckons to me once more.

Photos taken with the ever handy iPhone using Lo-Mob.
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Boadicea The Victorious

"Through the morning mist, the blast of a horn heralds the start of battle. The leader of the troops is a powerful warrior queen, golden torques twisted about her neck. Her tawny hair flies in the wind as her chariot rumbles forth, and, sword raised, she lifts her voice in a battle cry to muster her army. Her courage is unflinching."

Stirring stuff isn't it?

Thus is the reason that I jumped at the opportunity to sample and test these fragrances from the lovely people at Boadicea The Victorious.

BTV is a luxury brand of fragrances with a proud British heritage. They not only specialise in personal fragrance but also create candles and other home fragrance items.

The stand out fragrance for me is the "Energiser" Eau de Parfum.

Without doubt, this is my favourite BTV offering.

It's clean, zingy and citrus wonderfulness certainly is an uplifting and dare I say it, "energising" experience. This is most definitely a unisex fragrance and a wise choice for spring and summer.

The citrus and vetyver composition is a strong hint at Japanese yuzu and so it brings backs cherished memories for me and Hiro and I heartily recommend you giving this a good sniff if you come across it.

I am big on candles and this has now made it's way to my shopping list as I'd wager that that would be fantastic to use after one of Hiro's curry making sessions. A splendid way to freshen the air.

Boadicea The Victorious can be found online, or in Selfridges or Harrods.

Please do stop by their website here.

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Fings What I Like #1

I have a new idea!

A bright new plan for a bright new feature for my ever evolving blog.

A simple one photo blog post with one "fing what I like". It will be something, anything that I have seen and snapped upon my daily stumbles. I love the way that the iPhone has enabled me to be extra super sneaky with my picture taking.

Today's edition is:

French Chest of Drawers "Chiffonier"
Spotted in ARIA, Islington.
More details here.
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Spring hath Sprung

Saturday felt like the 1st day of Spring proper in London.

I am tentative but hopeful that we will see more of the elusive sun here in London. It's been a bitter winter and we all just want to break out our sunnies again.

Sakura in Hackney

The skies stayed clear well into the night and we witnessed the moon shining bright.

Tsuki in Hackney

Both these images were captured on my iPhone using the Lo-mob app.
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Sky High

I am a big fan of Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes. I think that they are the cream of the budget buy crop.

Here is Sky High:

I noticed that this does yellow my white Konad stamping when I use a top coat, but, I don't mind too much. I think you can just about see the difference where I missed part of my nail?

I absolutely ♥ this colour.

UK ladies, you can find these in any Boots of Superdrug.
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Alice in a Funny World

The thing with these iPhones is that despite their sleekness, they are rather commonplace here in London.

With my childlike determination to stamp me "Me-ness" on everything I own, I bought a Shinzi Katoh iPhone case.

I am delighted with this soft silicone case. It is flexible and robust and shall do a fine job in protecting my phone from bumps and scratches.

I have long admired Shinzi Katoh's work and so am very happy to own something that he designed. He has designed a range of phone covers and these can be found in Ebay, Gmarket and Rakuten amongst many other places.I may even give one away here soon. shhhhhhhhh

Shinzi Katoh English Website
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