Not Pink or Red, But White!

In Cape Town the salmon is white fleshed and has a more delicate flavour than it's more common "salmon" shaded variety.

I dined at OYO on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and the food was delicious. My selection was Cape Salmon with roast vegetables, salty capers and fondant potato.

Nothing quite like tucking into fresh seafood right by the sea listening to the seals gibbering away at each other.

Victoria & Alfred Hotel Piehead,
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Cape Town


  1. Oh yummy and it is lunch time too. I need to eat now, just look what you have done. Xxxx

  2. Ah, nothing better than eating fresh fresh at the seaside. That salmon looks delectable. I actually am cooking salmon for luncheon today.

  3. Hello...hello :)

    I know it's been awhile (sorry), but boy...! i am happy to be back and be able to read your posts again :D by the way...that salmon looks mouth watering!! i wish i could have one...right now!! hehe

  4. mm, white salmon? i love salmon either way. i hear wild boar is MUCH better than domesticated pig...


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