I Like My Chocolate...........

I am more likely to crave a bacon butty than I am a piece of chocolate. However, when I do indulge, I like my chocolate dark, organic and single estate in origins.

Hotel Chocolat's 80% Dark Organic Hacienda Iara Ecuador is a firm favourite.

Rare and Vintage.

I also like salted liquid caramels. Strangely, I can tolerate milk chocolate in this format. Perhaps it is because the Hotel Chocolat version is not too sweet and cloying. On the other hand, I think that the saltiness helps.

How do you like your chocolate?


  1. I prefer milk chocolate (very dark chocolate is a bit too bitter for me) but mmm, salted caramel! Those chocolates look divine! Salted caramel is absolutely my favourite sweet EVER so whenever I can try something in it, I do!

  2. You're like Simon, he LOVES dark chocolate and calls me an uncultured swine because I only appreciate milk chocolate. Dark is something that my palette has never adjusted to but give it time! It's funny you mention the salt with milk chocolate, my mum makes chocolate popcorn with dark chocolate and I quite like the mix of "strong" chocolate with salt.

  3. May I suggest, L'Artisan du Chocolat. 89 Lower Sloane Street Chelsea, London SW1W 8DA. Mosey over there for the best chocolate in town.

  4. omg i love dark chocolate :DD espeically the ones with alcohol filled centers xD such bitter goodness it's intoxicating. haha.

  5. @ Nyanzi

    Oh yes! They are in selfridges too no? I love their Congo Chocolate.

    @ Mint

    You sound like my kinda gal!

  6. I'm not much of a chocolate girl to be honest. Well if you give me some diary chocolate with nuts in it I'm happy but I'm not so much a choco lover.

  7. <3 dark chocolates~ or brownies with liquid chocolate in the center!!oh yess and those with wine filled dark chocolates still remember the first time i tried it was given by a friend and now still trying to search for the exact one haha.
    ooh how does salted chocolate taste like? never thought sugar ans salt can go well together...

  8. I have different chocolate moods.

    Sometimes, like you, I like the darkest variety from the nichest makers (and organic is always a plus). However, I love it being mixed with a specific herb or fruit, for example, lemongrass or pepper, that brings out the chocolate even more...yum. And some days it is just really artificial with lots of caramel. British chocolate (the Cadbury variety) seems to be much sweeter overal, so I sometimes go for that supersweet flavour when in need of a sugar boost.

  9. I rarely eat chocolate...it's just not something I crave, but when I do I like them on top of strawberries. Very cliche..

  10. dark chocolate is definitely the way to go! though i can't really take more than, say 75% or so dark chocolate. then it becomes too bitter for me and less enjoyable :X maybe i'm a wuss? hahaha.


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