The Hell-Fire Club and Other Such Curiosities

We took a walk into the labyrinth of alleys that hide within the guts of the City of London. Concealed within this ancient network of muddled back streets sit some curious gems.

The George and Vulture pub has stood here since 1746 though there has always been a pub here since 1268. Charles Dickens drank here. He must have been affected by the place for he places scenes of the Pickwick Papers here. It even has a more shadowy association with the notorious Hell-Fire Club. These clubs were said to be the meeting places where "persons of quality" would meet to partake in iniquitous activities.

I am sure that some of you will be happy to know that that only had food on their menu.

Disguised as the Jamaica Wine House is actually London's 1st coffee house. Opened in 1652, it was familiarly known to locals as the Turk's head.

Pasqua Rosee was an Ottoman manservant who was brought to London by his master. They eventually fell out and Rosee went into business with a fellow ex-servant and so they opened this fine establishment.

The tales don't stop here! It is said that Dickens placed Scrooge's counting house somewhere here. These alleys are Medieval in origin so who knows what these walls have witnessed over their years.

If you are looking to take a stroll through this fascinating part of London, you will find your way in on Cornhill or Lombard Street.

By the way, I have a new bag! Do you like it?


  1. @ Rhamnousia

    YOU DO????? Another one to add to our massive list of things in common xxx

  2. I adore your Valentines Day message!
    And of course I'm smitten with your new blog - the colour is leaping at me. Must also confess that I am quite taken in by the vibrancy of your cardigan - what a colour! We ought to sit down together sometime at the Jamaican Wine House;-)

  3. I LOVE your fashion. You always find places that if I went on a day trip I'd never find. Amazing looks beautiful.

    I agree with your vday message it's so true xo

  4. I love your bag! Thank you for sharing the streets of London with us!

  5. Love the bag and the tales! Very interesting! I agree, this so called "holiday" is just a bunch of silliness :)


  6. I love your hair in the first picture!! Your new bag is very pretty..I love the camel color.

    I hate Valentine's Day...the idea of it is so sad. Just one day to share love..???

  7. I love your bag!!

    I enjoy walking through alleyways too, it's amazing what you can find :D

    I agree with your valentines day message, why express your love through one day when you can do it everyday! ^^ xxx

  8. Ha! I love your V-day rant.

    One of the things that really make me love this city, self discovery of secret places that one never knew existed with this great wealth of history behind them.

  9. i ♥ your out & about london posts - you always take us somewhere interesting :)

    love the new bag as well!

  10. Gawd, it's wonderful. Love seeing your little secret parts of londinium!
    Ps. Great bag hon!

  11. I couldnt agree more on V day! cute bag :) I really need a satchel *homing on alexa*..

  12. Thanks for the tales!

    Love the bag! I've been looking for one in that color but haven't found the right one yet.

  13. LOVE your new bag!!! And such a matching setting to photograph in!

  14. satchels! i adore satchels :) i have a new side-sling purse, it's not quite as nice as yours and definitely with less character but i felt the time for a change and only had a little bit of money with me... ah, one of these days. i love these places that you find!


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