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I recently made a Rouge Bunny Rouge purchase on Zuneta.com with some encouragement from three fabulous ladies, (London MakeUp Girl, 'Nina' and Modesty Brown). I must say that Zuneta's customer service is brilliant and a cut above many online retailers that I have encountered lately.

Now, as I happen to consider these ladies as rather discerning in their makeup choices, and after hearing them rave about their RBR goodies I felt that I needed to try a few bits too.

♥ Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in "Sea of Tranquility" ♥

I very nearly bought the NARS Illuminator in Copacabana but decided to get the Sea of Tranquility based on this great review from London MakeUp Girl.

What I like:

Beautiful packaging. It is glass so clunky by default but pump bottles are brilliant and the print is so very pretty.

This imparts an almost ethereal glow that is so perfect for taking those soft focus dreamy type pics that I am evidently so fond of. The pearly sheen diffuses the light beautifully and does a grand job of blurring blemishes.

The refined texture applies well onto the skin without that gloopy sticky feeling you get from some other illuminators.

A little goes a long way so the price is not so bad in that respect.

You can apply it on it's own as a highlight, or add a little to your moisturiser for some extra pretty glow. You can even use mix a little into your foundation or TM as I did in the pictures above and below.

It is lightly scented.

What I don't like:

The price. But then I would gladly pay it again if I ever finish the bottle. You do get a lot for your money here.

Available from Zuneta

♥ Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipgloss in "Relish of Heaven" ♥

This is another hit from Rouge Bunny Rouge for me. I am rather obsessed with finding the perfect guava shade of gloss and this is not too far off what I had in mind.

What I like:

I love this gorgeous shade. It was very hard to try to capture on camera as in some light it looks more pinky and in others, more light coral.

The gloss applies so smoothly and is moisturising without being too greasy or tacky.

I am not usually one that opts for shimmery glosses, I find them annoying to say the least but this really is a cut above others. The shimmer is fine and more pearly than glittery and not too "in yer face".

What I don't like:

It is so hard to pick a fault with RBR. Yes, the items are pricey but entirely worth it.

Did I mention that I LOVE this shade??
RBR Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss is available in a variety of quirky named shades for £20 each and is available on Zuneta.com

♥ Lunasol Cream Cheeks in "Light Pink"♥

I am just going to dive right in and tell you all that I adore this cream blush. I know that you can hard tell, but I used just a smidgen in the pics above and below.

What I like:

The packaging. More cream blushes ought to come in tube so I don't have to dab my fingers onto a pan.

Light textured enough to apply smoothly over my tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

Brilliant colour pay off. I adore this peachy pinky shade right now and I can see me using this a lot throughout the year. The blush does contain shimmer but it is a refined fine shimmer that won't make you feel like you are spreading gravel across your cheeks.

I really like the dewy finish that imparts a healthy look to my face.

You can be as flamboyant or as timid as you like with this as it is easy to work with. Having said that, cream blushes are my preferred choice of face colour.

What I don't like:

These are only available on line from Japan or other Asian sellers hence, it can be a bit of a mission to track down a tube.

The price tag. Lunasol is a luxury brand in Japan as it is, so, add shipping on top and it's not the cheapest goody that you can get out there.

I bought mine from Adam Beauty who I cannot recommend enough.

♥ Barry M Dazzle Dust in Pink Gold ♥

I must admit that I am slightly embarrassed that I have not ever tried the Barry M Dazzle Dusts. I guess that because they are so widely available, I have overlooked them in favour of something more.......ummm....rarer?

What I like

These are very affordable especially when you get a 3 for 2 offer, like I did.

They are small and so easy to cart around and I have a more realistic chance of using it up.

Excellent colour choice and payoff on the eye. I especially like this colour. It is gorgeous shade of golden pink.

What I don't like

As I guessed would happen with loose shadows, there is a little fall out which is annoying so I would add that you need to use a good shadow base to keep the shadow in shape.

Loose shadows are rather messy to apply for a novice like myself.

Excellent value for your £. All things considered these are brilliant for the cost. I am not sure how one could improve on these, but I admit I am not an expert on loose shadows.

I was aiming for a fresh and healthy dewy look that would work well in the dim London light. I know I need more practice but I think I am on the right path.

Tights from Wolford
Silk blouse from Zara
Ceramic "paper" cup from Imagenius, Cape Town.


  1. What an absolutely stunning look! Your photo's are stunning too.

    Nice purchases, that blush is really pretty.

  2. Thank you Charlie.

  3. what are you pondering about.....

  4. You achieved it!! You look beautiful. *stares dreamily*
    That Lunasol blush looks devine.

  5. Hitomi Kato-Moore24 February 2011 at 15:14

    Very dewy but I'd love to see you in BRIGHTS

  6. you look stunning! I was curious about the lunasol liquid cheeks ;D thanks for reviewing it!

  7. Tom-tom! You WOULD say that. :)

  8. Food! lol True fact!

  9. I love the blush Mona. It's so workable. Glad that I got it.

  10. your makeup is always so stunning and you always look so amazing! I must say your aim for a fresh and healthy dewy look is spot on!

  11. You are so beautiful here! I am super into cream blushes lately (they're so easy!) but I wonder if the Lunasol might be a touch pale for me...

    I adore that Barry M colour! So sweet and lovely!

  12. I love this kind of soft and dreamy look. That highlighter is pricey, but beautiful.

  13. Drool! Over everything...
    So glad you liked RBR, it would have been a very expensive mistake :-)
    Nina x

  14. Thank you "S", so do you!!!

  15. looks like ive been missing out on some GORGEOUS posts! my faves are the ones with YOU in it. stalk time.. hehehe x

  16. your skin looks flawless!!

  17. gosh, you make excellent swatch pictures. The colour really pops of the screen and that really helps. Ohhh, now I really want that Lunasol blush. It looked already beautiful on Lotuspalace swatch, but I can see it being really similar (with the help of your pictures) to By Terry liquid blush that I really adore, only in a slightly different shade that I (the blushaddict) neeeeed to have soon

  18. I think you have succeeded very well with your wonderful dewy look. Who were you listening to in your 1st image? Is it a secret?

  19. I love the quality of those photos and that barry m pigment looks amazing :) it's so natural on your too, love the look!

  20. Thank you. I try really hard to get good shots to show people. It really dos help to have a camera with a good macro.

  21. that IS a rather wonderful glow :) i wish i had such a wonderful and willing model to photograph all the time.


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