The Suicide Shop and An Apple Myth?

I fancied something light to read. Thus, with the persistence and conviction of a precious stone prospector I scoured Amazon for a perfect bound rapture.

Here is the 1st of my prompt new arrivals:

A giggle at myself. The Suicide Shop. Hardly an assumed "Light Read".
The back cover however, proclaims that this is in fact a quirky black comedy...I am sold!

Here is a random gem:

'Because of Turing. The inventor commited suicide in an odd way. On the seventh of June 1954, he soaked an apple in a solution of cyanide and placed it on a small table. Next, he painted a picture of it, and then he ate the apple.'

'It is said that this is the reason why the Apple Macintosh logo depicts an apple with a bite out of it. It's Alan Turing's apple.'

I wonder how true this is?

If you are disgusted at my twisted taste...you ought to know that it is just and murky and mucky as you suspect it to be, probably more.


  1. I love it :D I love tales like this, I find them fascinating. Mr and Miss L love 'stupid deaths' on Horrible Histories, so it's obviously a London family thing.

  2. Remember that book I told you about on Twitter? I found it on ebay for less than £3 and I'm watching the item like a hawk..every day when I come home from work, I make sure to check I'm still top bidder.

    This book is totally different to how I thought it would be..

  3. Promptly adding this into my Wishy list that is ever growing! Luuurve this, i have a little cynical side that bursts out randomnly that enjoys a spot of black comedy :D

  4. Ooooo, I'm intrigued! Maybe let me know if it is worth a read? I applaud you for purchasing a physical book...I'm much confused at this Kindle thing that my friends are buying :/
    Ah well, to each his own.


  5. I love your novel picks! They always intrigue me. Happy reading :)

  6. that sounds like a really interesting book! =)


  7. Oh!!!I want that book....got a reason to visit the bookstore...I love stories like that....

  8. Interesting - you never know where inspiration comes from. Could also be the poision apple from Sleeping Beauty......also a bit dark Xxxx

  9. Is that true?? apple are kinda founded on sinister undertones if that latter is correct =l

  10. Ooooh good! I'd be so disappointed if it was light hearted. Gotta get my amazon on!


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