Prince Arthur Fish + Chips

I remember trying some Fish + Chips as a child when I 1st landed in UK.

I hated it!

Granted it was from some grubby greasy back street cafeteria, but I still remember being repulsed by it.

About 20 years later and I can finally eat this ever so brit dish. More than that, I really enjoy it! However, there is one place that I love to feast upon my fish + chips supper more than all others around me and that place is The Prince Arthur pub.

Fish + Chips with mushy peas:

They say that the fish has been hand picked 'pon the mornin' in Billingsgate Market. It sure does taste fresh! Never over cooked or over battered. It even gets the thumbs up from Hiro who is notoriously fussy when it comes to fish (as most Japanese are).

Delicious and goes down a treat with a bottle of their lovely bubbly prosecco.

Hiro and I have been popping into the Prince Arthur whenever we feel the hunger pangs for fish + chips for about a year now. In fact I think we even had dinner here the night before we got wed!

The Prince Arthur
95 Forest Road
London E8 3BH


  1. Ohhh gahh it looks so good! I'm going to head off to billingsgate market tomorrow to get fresh salmon to make sushi! XDD

  2. One always gets that home coming comfort when they find a good fish & chips place.

    I remember mine vividly years ago when I used to live in Bermondsey this little place near London Bridge that serves the best f & c in this little corner of town. I still go there from time to time on my way to Shoreditch.

  3. AW! I LOVE chip shop chips! I had a bag yday but they were a sodden greasy mess...I need to check this place out. (not many like mushy peas but I larve em)

  4. Oh wow, these look delicious. If Hiro-san thinks the fish tastes good, it must really be fantastic quality!

  5. Mmmmmmm that batter looks great! The fact it's fresh fish is brilliant!

    I hope that they have a cod alternative!


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