Okinawa I Love You

Okinawa has a special place in my heart.

Hiro proposed to me on an Okinawan Island.

We honeymooned on another Okinawan Island.

My dear Sakuras & Sunshine sent me the NARS Okinawa trio.

Isn't it handsome?

I have to admit that I am still garnering the courage and skill to be able to do justice to a decent smokey eye. However, I had to mess with the silver gray and cobalt blue just to dip my toes....oooh umm...lids!

My 1st attempt with this palette is not so great. I went commando and didn't bother with my usual UDPP base. On a more positive note, this would work well for the office.

Not the neatest EOTD that I have ever done but I happen to like that "didn't try too much" effortless, slightly messy look. SO THERE!! ahaha

I will try a more punchy look soon and naturally...I shall report back to you.

Thanks for reading!

Old Cow


  1. For what its worth I think you did a faboo job, your eyelashes are just lush too man. I wanna go to Okinawa Island x x x

  2. So damn gorgeous.
    But I'm even more enamoured with the colour of your iris, pure amber. Beautiful!

  3. It looks really wearable for the daytime which is something I struggle with when I use more daring shades.

    Try a coloured base underneath it, I find a black pencil really helps bring out the smokeyness.

  4. @ Imo

    Thank you! shhhh my lashes are falsies.

    @ vint junky

    Thank you!! I don't know why I have freckles in my eyes...odd no?

    @ Rhamnousia

    I will go bold next time. Thank you for the tip!

  5. I'm not the neatest bird when it comes to everyday eye makeup..I like it a little messy. I think you did a good job. =)

  6. Hooray for Okinawan. Love the micro shot of your eye. Can almost touch the lashes. Xxxx

  7. I love this look! I never would have imagined looking at the quad that it would do a daytime look so nicely - can't wait to see how you do the more dramatic look. And I am SO relieved it made it there in one piece (you could probably tell by the sheer amount of bubble wrap I used that I was nervous about anything breaking).

    Those are falsies?? The application is fantastic - they look like your real lashes.

    Much love! <3

  8. Such a fantastic look, that trio palette looks gorgeous.

    & the lashes wooo xo <3

  9. OH! Can I say that you have very pretty eyes?! The black specks in them are very unique ~!

  10. YAY! U finally got your hands on Okinawa and it looks fab on ya. i'm well jeal. they're such a lush colours :D if only we could bring back NARS to singapore. it's a wonderful cosmetic brand. xxx


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