The Neverending Nail Reviews.

I fancied dropping some nail swatches upon you today. Here are some that I have enjoyed lately:

MAC: Soiree

This is my 1st ever MAC nail polish. A lovely gift from an old chum.
I am delighted with the colour. It's a wonderful sort of brassy gold with a tinge of pink. I can see me living in this colour during summer holidays. It applies like a dream and dries quickly.

Eyeko:Tea Rose Polish

This is a sublime dusky rose shade from Eyeko. It reminds me of my granny's petticoats. This applied nicely and with two coats it looked really pretty.

Zoya: Poppy

I got this from Mayaari's blog sale. I was really taken by the soft tender peach. I like it all the more after seeing it in real life. Poppy has a vein of silky silver running through it and it makes for a rather special polish indeed.

Zoya: Happi

This has to be one of my most favourite polishes. It is so shamelessly girly yet the streaks of gold than shock through it makes it a tad bit more edgy.

Note on Zoya Polishes:

I am really liking the range of unique shades that Zoya come up with. I am glad that Zoya is hard to find in UK, else I fear that I would have even more polishes than I currently own! The downside, (for must be a downside) is Zoya polishes seem to take an age to dry. Is it just me I wonder? For even using a fast drying top coat fails to quicken the process.


  1. The MAC Soiree is so beautiful!! You are right, i can see that color during summer. It just looks so comforting ^_^

  2. Tea Rose is one of my favourite nail polishes, it's so pretty!
    MAC Soiree is definitely on my 'to buy' list!

  3. Happi is my mum's ideal shade! She had a polish similar to that in colour by a no name brand and we have been trying to find something similar so thank you! I know just what to buy her now..

  4. AKEMASHITE OMEDETO gozaimasuu~~~ a happy new yr to you my beautiful friend on the other side of the world :) im finally back AH wish i could keep up with everything! lvlv the nail colours~~ thanku for the bday wishes too xxx

  5. That MAC polish is so pretty!! Perfect with a summer tan.

  6. I'm loving that MAC one and am tempted to purchase it - although I've vowed to never purchase a MAC polish again -_-

    speaking of purchases, I ordered Micmacs and I cannot wait for it to arrive!!!

  7. Soiree is really pretty! And Happi is one of my favorite polishes in the world! I might wear it next week actually hehe. And as for the goopy Zoyas, I think a little bit of thinner (I use the Poshe one) does them a world of good both in terms of texture and drying time. HTH =)

  8. Soiree is gorgeous! I want to go back to the MAC store and swatch it...:)

  9. all those colours look beautiful :D I love the zoya happi one the most <3

  10. I love the mac nail polish a lot! It looks very glam.

  11. Your nails are gorgeous! I love the MAC shade.

  12. this makes me want to paint my nails with Happi next!


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