The Neverending Mask Reviews Pt I

I may have told you once or ten thousand times that I just L♥ve sheet masks.

Therefore, it is only fitting that I present you with a few reviews of a few masks that I have scrutinised over the past few months to date. I know, this is a big bad mamma of mask reviews:

My Beauty Diary ♥ Vienna Black Tulip Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK (ebay shop)
Scent: Light floral scent
Product Info:
Claims to create an immediate firming and smoothing effect. Tulip essence is combined with aloe vera, collagen and vitamin E to nourish and care for skin, resulting in a more vibrant and youthful looking complexion.
Mask Texture: Similar to that of Face Q masks which is light, translucent and stays on the face nicely.
Best for: Combination, dry or sensitive skin types.

Would I repurchase: Yes ABSOLUTELY! In fact I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Left my skin feeling refreshed with just the right amount of moisturisation and no sticky residue. This been a gem during this coldest winter ever in London.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

My Beauty Diary ♥ French White Lily Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK
Scent: Somehow, this smells rather rosey to me. Rose with a hint of mint.
Product Info:
Claims to harness skin soothing qualities of the lily for a noticeably radiant complexion.
Mask Texture: Ultra light, translucent comfortable fit on face.
Best for: Brightening and Soothing
Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

Would I repurchase: No! While I really did notice a brightening effect after use, I think I would need to use these everyday for a few years if I were looking for to see a more last effect. This lost a few points from me because a few minutes after removing the mask, My skin felt tight and a tad dry again.
My Score: 3.5/5
Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

My Scheming Beauty ♥ Milk Extract Brightening Mask ♥

I got this from: ellesile (ebay shop)
Scent: During the warmer months and if you warm the mask it smells milky which irked me. During the colder months and when stored in the fridge this is much less potent and thus a much more pleasant experience.
Product Info: This essence of this mask is blended milk extract rich in butter fat, vitamins and minerals to enhance the skin's ability to retain moisture and revive elasticity.

Mask Texture: Translucent and super light weight, fits well. Excellent.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase? Perhaps only in winter if I cannot find anything better. This is intensely moisturising and very comforting during winter. I'd wager that this would be too much during the warmer months. Oh and there is the smell issue to consider too.
Score: 3.5/5

ISQueen ♥ Princess Carnival Aegean Rose Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK (ebay shop)
Scent: Light rose scent
Product information: Claims to help with moisture retention, line reduction and sebum balancing.
Mask Texture: Thick gloopy sheet mask, I find it hard to keep this on my face.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase: NO! This created a stinging sensation after about 5 minutes on the face and the mask itself was ill fitting. Also, I think the extra essence is a gimmick as the mask is adequately saturated as it is.
My score: 2.5/5

Notes: Made in Hong Kong. Part of IsQueen's Princess Carnival range.

Face Q ♥ Ocean + Aloe Mask ♥

I got this from: ct_taiwan(ebay shop)
Scent: Fresh clean scent
Product information: Contains marine collagen to encourage supple, moist and smooth skin. Also contains aloe for skin nourishment.
Mask Texture: Feather light, translucent and very comfortable on the face.
Best for: Hydrating drier skin types.

Would I repurchase: YES! This is my one of my favourite masks at the moment. It contains the perfect level of moisture so it can be used year round. This is a thoroughly refreshing and rejuvenating mask and my skin really does feel more balanced and moisturised after use.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Tawain by the manufacturers of My Beauty Diary.

My Scheming Beauty ♥ Marigold Extract Mask ♥

I got this from: Sasa.com
Scent: Slight floral fresh scent.
Product information:
Contains a high amount of carotene which maintains moisture, cleans and relaxes skin, balances skin’s pH value, and mends damaged skin.
Mask Texture: Feather light, translucent and very comfortable on the face.
Best for: Dry, stressed sensitive skin.

Would I repurchase: YES! This mask is excellent. It left my skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, clean and so soft.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Tawain.

SANA ♥ Hadanomy Collagen Mask ♥

I got this from: Adam Beauty
Scent: Fresh, slightly sweet rosey floral scent.
Product information:
Contains 250mg of micro collagen as well as honey and acerola extract. The rich moisturising ingredients instantly leave skin elastic and firm.
Mask Texture: Thick cotton with a gel like essence.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase: Absolutely yes! I dislike the design of the cotton mask; it holds well on my forehead but it's attempt to be more 3d makes the cheek and chin part a little awkward fitting. I can forgive this as a minor issue as the results are brilliant. This mask imparts such a rich moisture that you only need to leave it on for 3-10 minutes (5 did it for me)and twice a week marked a marked improvement for me. The gloopy gel like essence soaks right into the dry parts of my skin like magic, while the oilier areas did not absorb as much. I was left with plumper,moist, healthy looking, firm skin that lasted until the next day. There was a sticky residue but I don't mind this as it can easily be wiped away.
My score: 4.5/5

Notes: Made in Japan by SANA.

I hope that you have found this selection of reviews interesting and useful. I will be shoving a few more your way again very soon. In the interim I would like to usher you to Blair's beauty blog as she is also an avid sheet mask fan and has a large selection of Sheet Mask Reviews that dwarfs mine! ♦Look her up here♦


  1. Oooh, so this is how the Marigold one looks like. Shall check out Watsons for it~

    And hello! We have the same favourite, faceQ Ocean + Aloe =DDD This means you gotta try the new MBD variations!!!

    Have you tried the MBD ear hook ones? Or even Sexylook masks (they also come with jaw strip+ear hooks).

  2. This is so helpful! Thanks for this review :) I love the vairety ^^ and I DID NOT know that the blooming of beauty masks were LE...i would hav gotten it if i knew that. Hopefully they won't sell out at the store. GRR. and they were 10 bucks CAD for a box too.

  3. Thanks for the mask reviews! I have to use down my stash before I get more. I am loving the blooming masks too. Too bad they are limited release.

  4. I really liked the Black tulip mask too, my face was still lovely and soft this morning aswell :)
    Oo I want to try the sana handanomy mask, I am loving the lotion and the cream atm! xxx

  5. I wouldn't know anything about face masks if it weren't for you my dear! Now I'm obsessed Luckily, I didn't notice much of a scent from the milk extract brightening mask you sent me. It had a fun tingling sensation though and it made my face so nice and soft. I am so tempted to try other masks now, but the selection is a tad overwhelming so thank you for these reviews! :)

  6. I really love the simplicity of sheet masks, it's great for lazy folk like me. No need to dunk oneself under the tap to wash anything off afterwards.
    I am slowly working my way through my pile of sheet masks after which I will hunt down those MBD Blooming masks!

  7. wow xD thanks for the great mask reviews!! the tulip one sounds great but i guess the rest might not fit my skin as well cos of my oily skin. the packing's pretty cute too with the cutout at the top :)

  8. I love sheet masks as well! have been trying to use them frequently now ;D

  9. thank you for posting your reviews - I'm still working through my stash from last year, lol, but I think those FaceQ masks are on my list when I need to order more

  10. Thanks for the mask reviews! I have to use down my stash before I get more. I am loving the blooming masks too. Too bad they are limited release.

  11. I haven't tried those limited mbd masks !! really want to try those =D

  12. I was wondering about the ingredients of the FaceQ mask. Are the ingredients listed on the packet the same as the ingredients listed on the box? I bought a box of FaceQ masks, but I haven't used them yet since the ingredient lists do not match. =o
    I asked the seller, and she told me that it's normal, and the company changed the packaging. I'm still not sure though.

  13. Hello Leemur.

    How curious! I must say that my ingredients lists have always matched the box and the actual mask. So perhaps the seller is telling the truth? I know that we have to be careful of counterfeit masks too which is a tad worrying. I have to admit that I havent bought any new FACEQ masks recently after the plethora of fabulous MBD masks on the market right now.

    I am sorry that I cannot be much help.


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