I Need More Kitchen Skills

I have a varied diet and so too a diverse palate.

One thing that I enjoy immensely is the Turkish dish "patlican soslu", which is a delicious and succulent aubergine, garlic and tomato starter:

Hasan on Kingland road does a gorgeous patlican soslu.

I would really like to learn how to make this. If any of you have
an authentic recipe, do let me know?

Another of my favourite dishes at Hasan is "Tavuk Beyti".

Tavuk beyti is a well seasoned, charcoal grilled minced chicken skewer. This is usually served with rice, tomato, salad and bulgur. I suppose Japanese would describe this as a large tsukune?

Turkish grilled peppers are a bit of a chilli lottery. You never know how hot yours is until you chomp one!

Hasan is my favourite Turkish eaterie in Dalston. The hospitality is always great, the staff are so friendly and genuinely nice. The food has not failed me in the 5 years that we have frequented this place.
I also love the open grill so you can actually see your food being prepared.

14 Stoke Newington Road
London N16 7XN

Hiro and I are saving our pennies to visit Turkey this year. Having lived around Turkish communities for many years, we feel that we must drop by this place that seems to have such warm and wonderful people.


  1. hm.. the patlican soslu reminds me of sweet and sour pork. I've never tried turkish before, is it anything like indian food?

  2. Keep up your food recipe posts!! I'm planning to buy the ingredients for your sardine tart tomorrow~~ on another note, I tried a Turkish pizza with sardines that was simply delish!!

  3. aahhh! They all look so good ^__^ I'd lovee to try them and make them too :P

  4. I would love it if I can make all these as well! :D

  5. lovely cow, i envy u for those delicious looking food!

  6. Oh god that looks delicious-- and I just ate breakfast. =_=; Happy new year! :)

    PS: Enter my giveaway for a mono-feather earring!

  7. Oh I wish we had a Turkish restaurant near us. We were in Istanbul for a few days in November and the food was sooo good!


  8. I am drooling over on the dishes!!

  9. i really need to improve my cooking skills... im worried what if my bf n hopefully hubby in the future runs away cos i cant feed him HA.. not funny actually :( noooo

    p.s masquerade seems perfect for that building AH can imagine such a beautiful party there! xx

  10. I have a friend that goes to a university in Istanbul and he tells that this the city to be in right now. I too have my sights set on Turkey - Istanbul in particular.

  11. Yum! I don't think we have any decent Turkish restaurants in belfast so I've only ever eaten it on holidays. If you find any good authentic recipes please share them ;)

  12. Ahh you have to go to Turkey! It is the most amazing place I have ever been, and I have been many places. People there, not exactly on the streets, but if you go into family owned stores and such, are so wonderful and nice. There are so many places to explore in Istanbul alone that it's worth multiple trips!



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