The Highly Collectable "Everything Fairy Monster"

Just when you thought that it was safe to go out....there appears The Highly Collectable "Everything Fairy Monster". A seldom spotted creature that takes delight in all things bright and bold and collectable.

She goes about her business raiding corners of junk for bits and bobs to attach to her ensemble.

She shuns high fashion for forgotten clothes and rather handy mop shoes so that she can skate along the floors and leave a gleaming trail.

Ever armed and dangerous, she carries a water pistol loaded with stinky granny perfume to keep her enemies at bay.

Brocoli is her favourite vegetable and she likes
it best with the plastic on!

Take a good look because these are world exclusive photos that shall probably self combust in a short while.

Day one of my No New Clothes Policy and I raided the old clothes that I had stock piled in the cupboard with intent to take them to the charity shop. I am mortified at how much junk I HAVE accumulated . I seem to have turned into a pack rat, an evil Womble, and junk junky....an EVERYTHING FAIRY MONSTER!!!!

Photos by ChonSki
Outfit comprises of old clothes and general junk.
Frog: Old tin wind up toy.
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red
Eyes: Yaby Pearl Paints in Persimmon, Mermaid Blue and Baby Ducky.

Yaby Pearl Paints still rank highly in my make up box. Ever vibrant kicks of stay put colour.


  1. It's bright, but I like the outfit. Perfect for a gloomy January day :D

  2. A very fun set of snaps! And I think all of us have a bit of everything fairy monster in us. We just don't realise until it comes to trying to do a clean-out!

    Happy New Year Yasumi! Hope that you are feeling much better now. =)

  3. hehe, I love the frog wind up toy. It's amazing how much clothes we push to the back of cupboards and store up more, ahhh good 'no new clothes' policy :o)

    You look stunning with curls.

  4. ha ha ha! these pics are brilliant! absolutely brilliant!
    your outfit is bananas. I can imagine you had a ball taking these.

    p.s.I wanna here about your 'no new clothes' policy in march. give us a quarterly update please.

  5. your wooly hat is so cute. i need one like that! hehe. love the outfit coordination going there!

    happy new year Yasumi!!

  6. Oh my God Yasumi, you look amazing!! hahaha :)
    I especially love the broccoli picture!! What color is that on your talons? Pure love!!

  7. This post is so much ♥
    Your creativity shines through! xxx

  8. The right amount of happy colours my 2011 brain needs...!

    I love your Diana Mini...how do you get your film for that one...

  9. How can you manage to look that amazing wearing all of those random items..?? Posts like this make me feel like I know you, I mean like really know you. When I finally meet you I will skip all the pleasantries & give you a giant hug & immediately begin our sidewalk photo shoot.

  10. Ok ladyy!!!! This to be my favourite post so far!
    Kudos for the impressively colourful entrance into dreary grey january

  11. Loving the shots. Great effect. No new clothes, so far so good. Xxxx

  12. lady. I hand it to you! *bows* seriously you can pull off everything and anything. you look fabulous and the post is so cute. I especially love the brocoli pic ;)


  13. Diana!!!!
    Those eye colours look gorgeous and so pop! Matches your outfit so well! Such a unique style as per usual :)

  14. I love the whole outit ^-^ the brocolli made me laff. Gotta love it. x

  15. i love love LOVE these photos :) you look soooo good and happy and colourful! Happy new year xx

  16. Thank you all for the comments. If you are wondering what I was singing, here is a clue:

    "ooooooooooooh na na what's my name"

    Brocoli apparently!


  17. The broccoli microphone just made me pee my pants a little.


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