Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns"

I once read a tale in which the main character was forced into being a circus clown via some dark and inconceivable circumstances. Now this protagonist would undergo a sinister transformation in personality each time his applied his white face paint.

I was immediately inspired.

As I plastered on the white......

.....I recognised myself less and less until,

I lost myself.

Smoking Kills: I don't actually smoke!

A happy clown face would never sit right on my mug! So I went down the mime, Pierrot with a touch of The Crow route.

Painting my face completely white made highlighted every scar, open pore, blemish. It had a curious way of distorting some features and emphasising others.

If I am to be completely honest, this was a disturbing feeling.

I used Snazaroo Clown White bought from ebay and ELF cream liner in Black.
Photos take by Hiro.


  1. Clowns don't really have any effect on me, but when I scrolled down to the third photo it scared me a little lol.
    The white emphasises your flawless skin though! :) xxx

  2. I love how ridiculously creative you are, my dear. Can't wait to see more of your quirkisms :)

  3. This made me shudder. You have a knack for popping a shock on us. Brilliant.


  4. i got scared of clowns since i watched IT lol. You make an elegant one, not that scary at all! i like your lips though :)

  5. I've never liked clowns....you make a rather sophisticated mime-clown, as it were :)

  6. I LOVE you! your neighbours on the other hand must think your cuckoo. Imagine staring out of your window and seeing that mug staring right back at ya! creepy

  7. I absolutely love the 4th photo! Brilliant!!

  8. Ha! I love the way your mind works!

  9. Do you still have white paint left? Maybe you could try a geisha look next. The shots are cool, really love the out the window side on. Xxxx

  10. Say whatttt.


    Oh my goodness, your look is incredible. Your words & skills alongside Hiro's photography *shudder*

    Really in awe. xoxo

  11. SPOOOOOOOOOOKY!!! especially as your eyes look super dark too

  12. You remind me more of a mime than a clown but there's some mean muggin' going on in that last photo..

  13. This is why i adore you! I love these posts and glimpses into your inner psyche.
    Fantastic shots and slightly (but deliciously so!) creepy

  14. I do not like clowns..at all!! My friends tease me endlessly about it. I once tried to jump off of a haunted hayride because the clown on it would not leave me alone.

    Your skin looks gorgeous..what imperfections?

  15. Loved the window shot!! Somehow with your Japanese features, it gave me a flashback of Kazuo Ohno's Butoh makeup but of course yours is a much prettier version than his gaunt look!!

  16. love these photos, it would be a really interesting psychological experiment to have a bunch of people do this and see how their personalities changed~

  17. I love the window picture too! Clowns are officially sinister. Watching "It" as a young girl means I find nothing amusing about them at all!


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