Cheki Out

To my amazement, I realised that I have yet to share any of my Fuji Instax (known as cheki in Japan) photos with you.

I tend to keep a little photo diary with these little instant morsels of magic and here are a few of my most recent:

"The little ones"

"Christmas Day Headline in Dalston"


"Time is Master"

Photos taken using the
Fujifilm instax mini50S Cheki “PIANO BLACK”.

Thank you for looking!

Old Cow


  1. Love the oldish effect. Is this the polaroid kind that also has the Hello Kitty model?

  2. @ Jo

    hello!! I used the Fujifilm instax mini50S Cheki “PIANO BLACK”. I think that the Kitty one is part of their Mini 25 range.

  3. I love those tiny yellow 'despicable me' creatures!!! Super cute, like little tic tacs

  4. Whenever I see your polaroid posts it keeps reminding me to get polaroids one for an old hand me down one I have - Gosh they are gorgeous photos this one takes.

  5. Thanx for your reply! I've got 2 friends using fujifilm polaroid as what they call them. One is a brown one, the other Hello Kitty and I thought it was the same.

    Thanx for your comment. The photo was edited to an oldish effect.

  6. <3 LOVE. My eyes light up especially at the Christmas Headlines in Dalston shot. I have missed you. Hope u had a gd holiday season. happy new year xx

  7. happy new year to you my friend xxx


  8. Minions on a phone box! God I loved Despicable ME!!


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