A Tale of The Blundering Shopper

So. Thus far? I have floundered in my No New Clothes in 2011.

I got a little unexpected windfall and my sister corrupted my best intentions by rightfully pointing out that I really ought to treat myself!

So, I did!

I shall be posing in my new garb in new guises very soon, so you shall get to see what my spendthrift ways procured soon enough.

"Try and fail, but don't fail to try"

In the meantime, I plan to get back on the wagon....NO NEW CLOTHES 2011 shall start from February.
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Abracadabra Winner

I was astounded by the amount of entries for the Abracadabra Giveaway! Thank you to all that entered! There can only be one winner and she is:


Please get back to me with your address: questions @ worshipblues . com
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Ebi Dango

There are many ways in which I am blessed in life. One of which is that my husband and brother-in-law are both excellent cooks.

The bro actually works as a chef in a prominent Japanese restaurant in London part-time and thus I ALWAYS look forward to his cooking!

He recently made some "ebi dango", Japanese for prawn balls:

These steamed prawn balls were covered in mochi rice which is stickier than normal Japanese varieties of rice. They were delicious.

I love my brother (for he is mine too now). He is like a visiting pet (for he falls asleep anywhere) but never before cooking up a storm.

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The Pink Pucker : ADDICTION "Baby"

Today I would like to take over your screens with one of my favourite pink lippies.

Pucker up for a screen smoochie:

ADDICTION in ♥ Baby ♥

ADDICTION is a fantastic Japanese brand that I have grown to love more and more with each new item that I try. I bought this lipstick during my last trip to Japan but only started using recently.

Baby is one of their sheer type lipsticks and as a result it is rather waxy. The colour the colour isn't wildly pigmented upon my lips which I really like as it imparts a very girly glow.

As a general rule, I prefer my everyday pinks to be more muted pretty pinks and my party pinks to be more um.....SHOCKING!

You can get this from Ichibankao or Mihoko Shop.

More ADDICTION reviews here!
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Additive Free Cows: Winners

Thanks to all who participated in my Additive Free Cows Giveaway! The Winners are:




Please rush your addresses to me so that I may send these babies out to you tout suite: Questions @ Worshipblues.com
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Here We Go Again.....

Abracadabra! Another day. Another giveaway!

Up for the grabbin' is an Aya Takano & Shu Uemura limited edition mini brush set. See here for more details.

All you have to do to toss your name into the hat is tell me what your most favourite item in the world is.

Leave your answer in my comment box below.

You must be a public follower to enter.

Winner will be picked on the evening (London time) of Monday 31st January.

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Coulrophobia is an abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns"

I once read a tale in which the main character was forced into being a circus clown via some dark and inconceivable circumstances. Now this protagonist would undergo a sinister transformation in personality each time his applied his white face paint.

I was immediately inspired.

As I plastered on the white......

.....I recognised myself less and less until,

I lost myself.

Smoking Kills: I don't actually smoke!

A happy clown face would never sit right on my mug! So I went down the mime, Pierrot with a touch of The Crow route.

Painting my face completely white made highlighted every scar, open pore, blemish. It had a curious way of distorting some features and emphasising others.

If I am to be completely honest, this was a disturbing feeling.

I used Snazaroo Clown White bought from ebay and ELF cream liner in Black.
Photos take by Hiro.

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Additive Free Cows: Mini Giveaway

Ever since the discovery of Cow Brand's Shizengokochi Green Tea Face Soap (mentioned previously here),

I have been more than just a little keen to try more facial cleansers from this long running brand. So, when I found the Mu Tenka face wash on Adam Beauty at a bargain price, I added a few to my shopping basket without a second thought

COW BRAND's Mu Tenka is an additive-free foaming facial wash.

It is free from colourings, fragrances, preservatives or product stabilisers.

Created using a high quality botanical soap, this product provides a superbly gentle yet thorough cleansing yet it's mild, creamy bubbles, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth finish with little tightness.

This is a simple fuss free face wash so it doesn't remove a face full of make up but it is great for everyday and I am really enjoying using it!

♥I think that this is good value face wash that would work well for sensitive or dry skin. I would definitely repurchase♥

Well, LOOKY HERE! It just so happens that I have 2 of these delights to giveaway . If you would fancy winning one of these to try out for yourself, let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this post that includes the word "GIMME".

You MUST be a public follower of my blog. International entries welcome.

I will draw the winner from my hat on the 28th January 2011.

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Sew + Go Skirt with Liberty of London

Liberty are right on the ball with this great idea of theirs!

Image from Liberty

Liberty says:

"Our new collection of Liberty Print ‘Sew & Go’ skirts is perfect for those who have limited time but still want to create their very own made to measure Liberty Print skirt. Simple to make in just 5 easy steps, this collection of our favourite Liberty Prints can be ready to wear within minutes."

I haven't seen these myself but I will surely make a effort to investigate!

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Not Really Here

Let's kick start this week of mayhem with a teaser photo of an odd FOTD that is coming up later this week.

This is also your warning to keep your eyes trained on my blog for there will be a splattering of giveaways coming up sooooooooooooooon.
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The Pertinacious Packaging Pack Rat

That's code (not very good code at that), for Me!

So committed am I in my contrived necessity to collect things enclosed in packaging that appeals to my eyes, that I will grab anything so long as it is "pretty" or "striking" in some way.

Well aren't I the shallow one!

My most recent MUST HAVE GIMME IT NOW was a tin of mustard powder. The colour is so spot on. I would love some garment in this shade.

Then there was the wonderfully scented grapefruit soap stick (disguised as a glue stick) that I received as a CP from A Pop of Kawaii:

And I cannot miss out my P&J lippy:

Paul & Joe continue to pour out stunningly packaged items.

I do wish that they would extend their range into fabrics that I could buy to make fings with. Wouldn't that be charming! They could even do a little collaboration with those bright sparks.....ooooooooooooooooh!

I think I will continue to collect prettily packaged things. It's gone past being just an obsession. It's a lifestyle.
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Prince Arthur Fish + Chips

I remember trying some Fish + Chips as a child when I 1st landed in UK.

I hated it!

Granted it was from some grubby greasy back street cafeteria, but I still remember being repulsed by it.

About 20 years later and I can finally eat this ever so brit dish. More than that, I really enjoy it! However, there is one place that I love to feast upon my fish + chips supper more than all others around me and that place is The Prince Arthur pub.

Fish + Chips with mushy peas:

They say that the fish has been hand picked 'pon the mornin' in Billingsgate Market. It sure does taste fresh! Never over cooked or over battered. It even gets the thumbs up from Hiro who is notoriously fussy when it comes to fish (as most Japanese are).

Delicious and goes down a treat with a bottle of their lovely bubbly prosecco.

Hiro and I have been popping into the Prince Arthur whenever we feel the hunger pangs for fish + chips for about a year now. In fact I think we even had dinner here the night before we got wed!

The Prince Arthur
95 Forest Road
London E8 3BH

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The Suicide Shop and An Apple Myth?

I fancied something light to read. Thus, with the persistence and conviction of a precious stone prospector I scoured Amazon for a perfect bound rapture.

Here is the 1st of my prompt new arrivals:

A giggle at myself. The Suicide Shop. Hardly an assumed "Light Read".
The back cover however, proclaims that this is in fact a quirky black comedy...I am sold!

Here is a random gem:

'Because of Turing. The inventor commited suicide in an odd way. On the seventh of June 1954, he soaked an apple in a solution of cyanide and placed it on a small table. Next, he painted a picture of it, and then he ate the apple.'

'It is said that this is the reason why the Apple Macintosh logo depicts an apple with a bite out of it. It's Alan Turing's apple.'

I wonder how true this is?

If you are disgusted at my twisted taste...you ought to know that it is just and murky and mucky as you suspect it to be, probably more.

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I was given a duo of Strangebeautiful nail polishes to try by a friend.

Apparently these "polishes are developed and evaluated with an artist’s eye producing hues that are deeply and richly saturated throughout. "

I am not sure what my polishes are actually called as the bottles are unlabeled. It feels rather liberating not to label everything. Anyway, I especially like this shade:

They sure are nice though.

I finished mine off with a coat of Seche Vite that was a gift from the incredibly lovely Vanity Fashionista.

Strangebeautiful is available in Liberty or Cult Beauty.
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We Are In This 400 Deep!

Holy mackrel!

402 of you have made my day, for 402 of you have taken up residence in
my house of blues. Thank You!!!!

I hope that your new lodgings are comfortable and that you may continue to enjoy the view.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I will be hosting a few giveaways next week.

♥ One big, one small and one rather curious ♥

I will also be slamming a few more quirksome looks your way too.

Hold on to your hats!

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Once, A Long Time Ago, We Swam in The Red Sea

It felt much like swimming in a bath for the waters were so warm.
A Bath Aquarium. I have never swam amongst so many fish.

Photos were taken with a Fuji underwater disposable camera.
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Burn Time: Roseros

Diptyque candles, though expensive, are my guilty pleasure.

Languid evenings, a flickering flame and elegant fragrance whilst reading a good book or a watching an engaging film is my favourite way to wind down.

Baies Noir is striking and smells of Roses and blackcurrant leaves. This is neither overly floral nor is it too sweet. Instead it is rather surprisingly clean scent.

Diptyque has recently released "Roseros", a limited edition duo for Valentines Day in collaboration with Kuntzel + Deygas. I was drawn to the illustrations on the boxes. The stylistic depiction of the time old tale of Beauty and her Beast captured my imagination.

The Eros Candle, represented by the Beast is a wild rose infused with benzoin, cedarwood and sandalwood. This is my favourite of the couple.

The Rose Candle is a sweet and feminine romantic garden rose.

As with all Diptyque candles, these burn very cleanly and evenly.
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The 100% Harmless Kitty

I made a kitty.

A sleepy lazy kitty.

I brought it to life using bits of black and white super soft fleece and teddy stuffing. I gave it sight and smell using little bits of felt. It's claws are made from embroidery thread, so it won't be scratching up our furniture anytime soon.

Her head is a bit of a funny shape, but I happen to like her like this. She is unique!

I bought the PDF pattern and instructions from this Etsy Shop

The instructions we clear and easy to follow, I just need a little practice sewing curves.

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The Neverending Mask Reviews Pt I

I may have told you once or ten thousand times that I just L♥ve sheet masks.

Therefore, it is only fitting that I present you with a few reviews of a few masks that I have scrutinised over the past few months to date. I know, this is a big bad mamma of mask reviews:

My Beauty Diary ♥ Vienna Black Tulip Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK (ebay shop)
Scent: Light floral scent
Product Info:
Claims to create an immediate firming and smoothing effect. Tulip essence is combined with aloe vera, collagen and vitamin E to nourish and care for skin, resulting in a more vibrant and youthful looking complexion.
Mask Texture: Similar to that of Face Q masks which is light, translucent and stays on the face nicely.
Best for: Combination, dry or sensitive skin types.

Would I repurchase: Yes ABSOLUTELY! In fact I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Left my skin feeling refreshed with just the right amount of moisturisation and no sticky residue. This been a gem during this coldest winter ever in London.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

My Beauty Diary ♥ French White Lily Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK
Scent: Somehow, this smells rather rosey to me. Rose with a hint of mint.
Product Info:
Claims to harness skin soothing qualities of the lily for a noticeably radiant complexion.
Mask Texture: Ultra light, translucent comfortable fit on face.
Best for: Brightening and Soothing
Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

Would I repurchase: No! While I really did notice a brightening effect after use, I think I would need to use these everyday for a few years if I were looking for to see a more last effect. This lost a few points from me because a few minutes after removing the mask, My skin felt tight and a tad dry again.
My Score: 3.5/5
Notes: Made in Taiwan. This is part of MBD's limited edition Blooming of Beauty range.

My Scheming Beauty ♥ Milk Extract Brightening Mask ♥

I got this from: ellesile (ebay shop)
Scent: During the warmer months and if you warm the mask it smells milky which irked me. During the colder months and when stored in the fridge this is much less potent and thus a much more pleasant experience.
Product Info: This essence of this mask is blended milk extract rich in butter fat, vitamins and minerals to enhance the skin's ability to retain moisture and revive elasticity.

Mask Texture: Translucent and super light weight, fits well. Excellent.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase? Perhaps only in winter if I cannot find anything better. This is intensely moisturising and very comforting during winter. I'd wager that this would be too much during the warmer months. Oh and there is the smell issue to consider too.
Score: 3.5/5

ISQueen ♥ Princess Carnival Aegean Rose Mask ♥

I got this from: AlphabeautyUK (ebay shop)
Scent: Light rose scent
Product information: Claims to help with moisture retention, line reduction and sebum balancing.
Mask Texture: Thick gloopy sheet mask, I find it hard to keep this on my face.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase: NO! This created a stinging sensation after about 5 minutes on the face and the mask itself was ill fitting. Also, I think the extra essence is a gimmick as the mask is adequately saturated as it is.
My score: 2.5/5

Notes: Made in Hong Kong. Part of IsQueen's Princess Carnival range.

Face Q ♥ Ocean + Aloe Mask ♥

I got this from: ct_taiwan(ebay shop)
Scent: Fresh clean scent
Product information: Contains marine collagen to encourage supple, moist and smooth skin. Also contains aloe for skin nourishment.
Mask Texture: Feather light, translucent and very comfortable on the face.
Best for: Hydrating drier skin types.

Would I repurchase: YES! This is my one of my favourite masks at the moment. It contains the perfect level of moisture so it can be used year round. This is a thoroughly refreshing and rejuvenating mask and my skin really does feel more balanced and moisturised after use.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Tawain by the manufacturers of My Beauty Diary.

My Scheming Beauty ♥ Marigold Extract Mask ♥

I got this from: Sasa.com
Scent: Slight floral fresh scent.
Product information:
Contains a high amount of carotene which maintains moisture, cleans and relaxes skin, balances skin’s pH value, and mends damaged skin.
Mask Texture: Feather light, translucent and very comfortable on the face.
Best for: Dry, stressed sensitive skin.

Would I repurchase: YES! This mask is excellent. It left my skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, clean and so soft.
My score: 4/5

Notes: Made in Tawain.

SANA ♥ Hadanomy Collagen Mask ♥

I got this from: Adam Beauty
Scent: Fresh, slightly sweet rosey floral scent.
Product information:
Contains 250mg of micro collagen as well as honey and acerola extract. The rich moisturising ingredients instantly leave skin elastic and firm.
Mask Texture: Thick cotton with a gel like essence.
Best for: Dry skin types.

Would I repurchase: Absolutely yes! I dislike the design of the cotton mask; it holds well on my forehead but it's attempt to be more 3d makes the cheek and chin part a little awkward fitting. I can forgive this as a minor issue as the results are brilliant. This mask imparts such a rich moisture that you only need to leave it on for 3-10 minutes (5 did it for me)and twice a week marked a marked improvement for me. The gloopy gel like essence soaks right into the dry parts of my skin like magic, while the oilier areas did not absorb as much. I was left with plumper,moist, healthy looking, firm skin that lasted until the next day. There was a sticky residue but I don't mind this as it can easily be wiped away.
My score: 4.5/5

Notes: Made in Japan by SANA.

I hope that you have found this selection of reviews interesting and useful. I will be shoving a few more your way again very soon. In the interim I would like to usher you to Blair's beauty blog as she is also an avid sheet mask fan and has a large selection of Sheet Mask Reviews that dwarfs mine! ♦Look her up here♦
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