Never Fully Dressed

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a lovely little stall selling wistful looking floaty garments in Spitalfields Market. The name of this purveyor of dream-full bits is: Never Fully Dressed.

I know that I have no business buying sheer shirts at this time of frost-bitten year but I couldn't help myself.

I like to defy the seasons...

To my own detrement.

One painted foot. No Idea why I do this.

The stillness and the blur.

Lazer eyes.

I wear a Russian Ruble.
The necklace that I am wearing is actually a Russian antique gold Ruble that dates back to 1899 and is a cherished gift from my Father-in-law. This was bought by his grandmother on her first visit to London many many years ago. She took 5 back to Japan with her and I am the proud owner of the last remaining one.

Sheer shirt from Never Fully Dressed
Pleather panel leggings from Topshop
Bowler from local charity shop
Burn out bodysuit (underneath shirt) from 6ixty8ight
Finger nail polish Zoya "Pasha"
Lipstick "jean queen" by Lipstick Queen
Hint of blush MUFE HD Blush #8 from Sakuras & Sunshine
Mask from South Africa.
LED Light Pole from Hiro's freebies collection
Photos taken by Hiro.
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The Case of a Lost Weekend

This mind numbingly cold weekend saw us hop on the train and end up in Rotherhithe all because the super duper Catty from "The Catty Life" brought the Finnish Christmas Fair to my attention.

Loving the new East London Line.

I may not be a Finn but I go loopy for their treats, rye bread and not to mention design!

The fair was held at the Finnish Church which doesn't look like much from the outside.

But the interior is a very well considered space with clean lines and tastefully simple details.

Those Finns have a real flair for design and architecture, think Eero Saarinen, IIttala, Marimekko. One of my most favourite architect/designers is Alvar Aalto I think his work is just sublime! But I digress.....

The fair contained a little piece of Moomin heaven.

But I was there for the snackage. No one on this planet (or the universe I wager) does liquorice like the Finnish!! NO ONE!!

My stash: I go mad for liquorice! Especially Pantteri and Salmiakki(salty liquorice). I Got to try Malaco Must for the 1st time and it is so so so yummy.

I also bought some rye bread....delicious with cheese.

Finnish Karl Fazer chocolate is top drawer. I do not go crazy for chocolate in general but when in comes to Fazer chocolate then I tend to stuff my gob. I bought the Wiener Nougat on Catty's recommendation and I can happily report that it is 100% pure deliciousness.

Wiener (Vienna) Nougat is a mild and mellow somehow not too stupidly sweet almond praline.I wish I bought 2!

Also on sale were some wonderfully constructed handmade purses and other bits and bobs.

All in all, I had a great time at the Finnish Christmas Fair. I am of the opinion that no one does Christmas like the Finns! I am kicking myself that we didn't have time to stop for some grilled Rudolph (reindeer) bangers and Vodka!

We spent a large part of our afternoon frantically rushing about looking for wooly fings like jumpers and cardis to keep the cold away.

Wall display from the Vero Moda shop on Oxford Street.

Cosy Angora cardi Hiro bought me from Benetton

Hiro took me to the Nordic Bakery to make up for us missing out on cinnamon buns at the fair. The Nordic Bakery on Golden Square is the COSIEST place in the West End!! We are always charmed by the warmness of this place. The sweet smells of baking infused with tea and coffee and fruity jams together with the warm toasty air never fails to charm us.

The Nordic Bakery's take on the traditional Finnish Cinnamon bun is so delicious that my mouth waters as I type! They are buttery and soft on the inside and sticky on the outside. They are filling and go so well with a nice hot cuppa on a chilly day.....any day actually!

We also had a blueberry bun which was just wonderful. The thing that I love about Scandinavian jam is that it is never too sweet!

Nordic Bakery Soho

14a Golden Square
London W1F 9JG

The handy thing about the bakery is that it is right around the corner from our Japanese food shops! We needed to stock up on many essentials but we also go some treats for the festive hibernation:

Yukimi Daifuku or ice cream mochi. I grabbed a multi pack of mini vanilla, matcha and azuki flavours.

Also grabbed a bag of limited edition shoyu flavour Curl (Karu).

I dragged Hiro in the Japan Centre book shop on Brewer Street to have a nosey at the magazines. I don't go for the girly mags..they fill me with GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Instead I buy SMART when they have freebies because they have the best freebies ever!

This time I got a stupendous BAPE vs STUSSY collaboration tote! Hiro wants this.....not getting it!

My beady eyes spotted some report worthy fragments that are worth sharing with you all:

Loving these Gold Diesel high tops. Unfortunately for me they are Shibuya exclusives.

I can't help being an ADIDAS fan so these burgundy ATMOS collabo's caught by attention. See them here.

That bright spark NIGO has branched our from BAPE and has started up his HUMAN MADE brand. Good stuff! Take a look at the website here.

All the above were scanned from the Japanese
mens mag SMART.


Now I know that London doesn't realised that it is on the brink of peril according to the right brilliant Professor Hershel Layton
but it is and I have been doing my best to save us from this malignant fate by tackling some rather tricky brain teasers on my DS. And I bet you all thought that I spent my Sunday sitting on my rump day dreaming and avoiding the chills?

I tried out my newly received Vienna Black Tulip sheet masks from My Beauty Diary. They are brilliant and I certainly going to order some more from Alphabeautyuk. Sheet masks are a god send during the winter and have thus far allowed my face to steer clear from the usual Sahara like dryness that I face at this time of year.

Finally, we made a stack, no HEAP of gyoza. I think that I may have folded up 50 of these.

Worth it in the end!

Was this post too long?

I am not sure where my weekend went!! It was over in a blink.

**I am collecting wonderful things for my New Years giveaway that will be go live this month...as always it is a Worship Blues Residents (followers) ONLY affair**
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The Best of 2010 Round Up: Nail Edition

2010 has been the year when I really enjoyed mucking about with me talons! Here are my favourites:

Nail stamping has been a right old relaxing past time this year. Konad image plates have not let me down as yet and I am glad that Mayaari nudged me into trying the Bundle Monster plates too.
My most used Konad plate this year has to be the M57 plate but I also love the M71.

Prettiest Polishes 2010

These are my most reached for polishes of 2010.
Top row left to right: Parado PK36 , GOSH Gold, Canmake Tokyo 16
Middle row left to right: Eyeko Vintage Polish, American Apparel Mouse, Rimmel Grey Matter.
Bottom row let to right: Rimmel Electric, YSL Copyright Red, Parado BE04.

You can get Canmake Tokyo Nail Colours from A Pop of Kawaii

Best Nails Bits & Bobs 2010

Creative Nail Design Solar Oil has to be my favourite nail and cuticle treatment. Do to my OCD hand washing nut-caseness, my nails became rather weak and started to peel. After using this oil continually (twice a week), the treatment penetrated deep into my nails and stopped the peeling and now my nails are strong and healthy again.

OPI Correct and Clean Up nail pen. This is fantastic for nail art junkies. It has a firm tip that allows me to tidy up my nail mishaps easily.

ELF Cuticle Pusher. Cheap and chips and brilliant to use.

Top coats can really support a nail polish's finish, colour and durability and these are my most used in 2010.

Nails inc: Kensington top coat for it's super glossy finish. Albert Bridge top coat for it's super fast drying capabilities and the Konad top coat for sealing nail stamp art.

My go to Nails inc Kensington base coat caviar for protecting my nail.

Do you have any nail faves from 2010? Care to share?

See my favourite face makeup products from 2010 here.
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Worship's Gift Ideas

I am bad for my wallet and yours too!


I am good with random gift and festive entertaining ideas so here is what came off the top of my head this Friday:

A delightfully floral kit of useful stuff for practical ladies or girlish boys? Available at Purves & Purves.

Why not decorate your candles with some rusty wings? Available from here.

Everyone needs plates!! Shelf have these great offerings from that jolly clever Rob Ryan.

You don't have a Wii to satisfy your festive competitive streak then why not take a look at these skittles from MUJI!

Aren't these the most darling place card holders? We don't bother with such things at our's over Christmas but if you do, you can grab these from Fortnum & Mason.

Got something to say to someone? Not sure how? How about a candle from D.L & Co. The one above is called Brothel and you can get it in store from Selfridges.

Adopt a monster from Noodoll

Put on your own show. Available from MAIDEN.

Arm yourself against mistletoe mishaps! Available from Selfridges.

Now there you go! Don't say that I never give you any silly ideas!

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The Best of 2010 Round Up: Face Edition

It's that time of year when I like to round out all the product fandangos that I have been frolicking about with and let my beauty mad readers in on what I consider to be the dogs bollox, the bee's knee's or the cream of the crop in my beauty cabinet.

Base makeup seems to be a decent place to kick off these shenanigans with, so here we go:

My Most Favourite BB Creams of 2010.

BB Creams are essentially souped up tinted moisturisers that include skin repairing and supporting ingredients. I have ditched all foundations in favour of these as they are so much easier for a make up muppet like me to apply.

2010 saw the Japanese take over of my BB cream stash which once an entirely Korean affair. These are my firm favourites.

Love Clover BB. Medium cover that leaves a wonderful dewy moist finish (available from IchibanKao)

Nanoce BB. Medium cover and great colour match with a nice matt finish (available from A Pop of Kawaii)

Quzulan Gelo BB. Daily staple! Sheer moist cover that is super comfortable to wear.
(available from Adam Beauty)

Sunplay Sunkiller BB. SPF 50 and my HG for summer days. Super light cover and fragrance free
(available from Adam Beauty)

Numero Uno of All Concealers 2010

Lancome's La Touche Pro blew me away with its seamless lasting cover. Available from all the usual places.

Bloomin' Bestest Blushes 2010

Top to bottom, from left to right:

MAC Petticoat : My sister used to LOVE this and I bought it because it reminded me of her and now I LOVE it too.

Chanel Orchid Rose
: Such a wearable shade during the summer months.

NARS Turks & Caicos: I love the gel like sheer texture and the pop of peachy orange.

Canmake Tokyo Vitamin Orange Cream Cheek: Another orange shade that I really love. I used this all year around as the texture is so light and easy to use.

Becca Amaryllis Creme Blush
: Highly pigmented stuff so a little goes a long way but this but such a fantastic colour, sort of peachy rosey?

Canmake Tokyo Peach Stripe Cheek Gradation: This is my 2nd one of these. So reasonable and just outstanding in quality and colour pay off with a thouch of fine shimmer.

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Sob: This is my favourite blush for winter and spring! Just a subtle pop of pink on my pallid face and it's dewy finish stops my winter dry skin from looking too awful!

NYC Plaza Pink Creme Stick: Thank you Notarichgirl for sending me this. It satisfies my peachy desires and works a treat another much used blush for 2010. Such a pity that we cannot get these here in UK.

Canmake Tokyo Sweet Apricot Cream Cheek: Canmake really blew me away with this range of cream blushes! This is one of my summer/Spring faves!

Highlighter Highlights 2010

From top to bottom, left to right:

MAC By Candlelight
: Such a wonderfully pink champagne colour. Great for boosting miserable winter complexions and sunkissed holiday nights. This got great reviews on MUA.

NARS Copacabana Multiple: I use this to highlight and to blend with other cream blushes to add a pinch of dazzle or tone down heavy handed applications. This is definitely a HG for me.

MAC Soft & Gentle: A near everyday favourite for me. I love sparkles.

Shu Uemura Glow on P Gold 94: A rare and very interesting shade that is gold yet slightly mauve on me. Have a look at the diligent My Makeup Reviews for a swatch.

What have been your favourite foundations, concealers, blushes and highlighters this year?

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