Eye Spy Hydra

Hydra is part of the Humble TV creative studio.
I am really impressed by their short animation that takes it's back drop from the still life paintings of the old Dutch Masters.
Eye Spy Homunculous:

“Homunculus is a dark and twisted fable of spontaneous generation and untrammeled id. Taking its title from the Latin word for “Little Human”, the piece is an associative mashup between the two concepts behind the word: The first being middle-age alchemical beliefs that “little men” could be spontaneous generated from dead or decaying matter. The second being Carl Jung’s usage as a personification of pure id.”

To create the film, Hydra used a staged real-life cornucopia that included a pheasant, fish, a variety of fruit and cheese, all placed in a plexi-glass box and shot for 11 days until they reached rotting stage.

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The Red Shoes: A Necklace **SOLD**

I have been told that I am quite mad for making a necklace like this. For yes, it's inspiration is not the most jovial.

In my own opinion it is a poignant but haunting tale and certainly worth making into a conversational piece as best as I know how.

I hope you agree.

The Tale of The Red Shoes:

Once there was a pretty and dainty peasant girl named Karen who was adopted by a rich old lady after her mother's death.

She grows up vain. She tricks her adoptive mother into buying her a pair of red shoes and repeatedly wears them to church, without paying attention to the service.

Her adoptive mother becomes ill, but Karen deserts her, preferring to attend a party in her red shoes. Once she begins dancing, she can't stop. The shoes take over. She cannot control them and they are stuck to her feet.

The shoes continue to dance, through fields and meadows, rain or shine, night and day. She can't even attend her adoptive mother's funeral. An angel appears to her, condemning her to dance even after she dies, as a warning to vain children everywhere.

Karen finds an executioner and asks him to chop off her feet. He does so and gives her a pair of wooden feet and crutches.

Thinking that she has suffered enough for the red shoes Karen decides to go to church in order for the people to see her, but the chopped-off feet with the red shoes dance before her, barring the way.

The following Sunday she tries again, thinking of herself at least as good as the others in church, but again the dancing red shoes bar the way.

Karen gets a job as a maid in the parsonage, but when Sunday comes she dares not go to church. Instead she sits alone at home and prays to God. Then, it is as though the church comes home to her and her heart becomes so filled with sunshine, peace, and joy that it bursts. Her soul flies on sunshine to heaven, and no one there asks her about the red shoes.

The Necklace

“Dear me, what pretty dancing shoes!”

She danced out into the open churchyard; but the dead there did not dance. They had something better to do than that.

“dance in your red shoes till you are pale and cold, till your skin shrivels up and you are a skeleton!"

“Don’t cut off my head!” said Karen, “for then I could not repent of my sin. But cut off my feet with the red shoes.”

The whole story


Red enamel shoe charm with red crystal inserts. Silver plated chain, clasp and axe charm. Swarovski blossoms and butterfly.

Cost: £12.00



All UK purchases will be sent FREE via standard 1st Class mail. I can send this with Recorded Delivery for £2.00

Postage to all other destinations will be £2.50 via standard international mail or £4.50 with tracking.


I can only accept orders via email. If you are interested in buying somefing from me please drop me a request at: makemeshiney@gmail.com. I will get back to you as soon as I am able and let you know if the item is still available
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"Get Yer Nails Did" : A Giveaway

It's Friday.
It's the start of a long weekend for me.
I am in a good mood so let's have us a lil giveaway shall we?

What is in my bag of tricks:

One lucky winner shall get a Konad Nail Stamping Starter Kit:
The kit includes, a stamper, scraper, 3 special stamping polishes and 2 image plates to get you started.

The winner shall also get an additional image plate and a Muji blush.

Mystery Extras:
If you know a bit about me then you will know that I always have a surprise up my cardi sleeve.
The winner shall receive the mini bag stuffed with some super duper extra bits and bobs.

What is Konad?

Well it is a fab take on nail art. Read more about it here!
Watch a demo here!

Now be warned some people cannot get the hang of it and I admit it does take a few goes to get the knack of it. Once you do get into a rhythm the possibilities are boundless.

Here are a few of my recent attempts as you can see, I am still learning!
Essie "Flawless" and image plate M60

Rimmel "Grey Matter" and Image plate M66

Gosh "Gold" and image plate M57

Take a gander at the Konading of this blogger she has it down to a fine art!
Polish & Powder

How to enter:


You must be a follower, that way I know who I am listening to.

Imagine that a circus has come to town and stretched itself across the grounds of my House of Blues.
Smell the toffee apples. Marvel at the Victorian carousels. Hear the ringmaster calling.
Imagine that YOU are part of the circus.
Tell me what role you play and why.

Leave your answer in my comment box

How Will I Pick My Winner?

Well I always look for an imaginative response so I will pick the comment that delights me most.
If there is no stand out above the rest comment then I shall resort to random selection
Please don't let me take that route.

Winner shall be announced on Friday June 4th 2010.

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Pretty Things That Caught My Eye : Salt & Pepper

Good day to you my dear readers.
It has been a while since I have laid mention to some of the pretty home accessories that catch my eye ever so frequently. Today I have a fine selection of table top shakers to please you with:

S-S-S-S-Salt and Pepa's here!

Pretty Things That Caught My Eye: Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Let the sharks loose at dinner.
Fin Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Colin O'Dowd
Get 'em 'ere!

You know I love it Creepy! The designer describes these as:
"Victorian dolls who got trapped by a tv set that fell out of the sky"
Interference Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Tina Tsang
Get 'em 'ere!

Shake your Mama!
Designed by Naoto Fukasawa
Get 'em 'ere!

Fancy a hug?
The Original Hug designed by Alberto Mantilla for Mint Inc
Get 'em 'ere

So what do I have on my table?
I opted for the innovative design of Michael Graves for Alessi.
I really like the highly polished stainless steel exterior and the high quality mechanism in the mill.
The downside is that they must be bought separately.
Get the Salt Shaker here and the Pepper Mill here
Yes they are pricey but I would rather buy such things once and not have to replace them for a long long long time.

Psssst I shall be back tomorrow with my lil followers only giveaway .

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Sat Just Like That in My Boater Hat

Spending a sunny afternoon reading and eating ice cream in the park is a small but definite joy to me.

I think that I ought to pick up another hat sometime soon.
Off to the milliner I go:

Of light and shadow:

Of deep contrasts:

About light.

Hiro took this pics using the Canon 450d.

Fingers crossed for more sunny days to come in London.

Giveaway Alert.
Dear readers, I shall be hosting a small but ever so sweet giveaway within the next few days.
Keep your eyes peeled and your imagination in good form.

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Skincare in the Sunlight

A few weeks ago I suffered the misfortune of running out of my favourite moisturiser which Givenchy seems to be phasing out.
In a panic I rushed out and bought the 1st thing that I came across:
Clinique Even Better Moisturiser
I broke out in clusters of little white heads and was none too happy.


I tried again.

This time I opted for Caudalie's Day Perfecting Cream:
I have never tried any Caudalie products before and am more than just pleased
with how this purchase turned out.
It goes on smoothly with a pleasant, light fragrance.
Has not irritated by skin in the slightest and contains SPF15.
No parabens and no mineral oil.
This product is supposed to have brightening and luminising properties.
I have yet to see any marked improvements on these points but Hiro seems to think that
my skin is looking more radiant of late. Could just be the sunlight?

I bought this at SpaceNK.
I will definitely be trying out more from the Caudalie Vinoperfect range in the future

I know what some of you are thinking.
You are quite right so so I have started to use this:
I bought this from Adam Beauty around the same time as I spied Lotus Palace's review.
I am loving this stuff with all kinds of happy feelings when I slap it on.
Not only is it a massive SPF50, but it also contains collagen.
It goes on light with the perfect amount of moisture and sheer coverage. It is basically a uber brilliant tinted sun lotion but can double up as a base if you need more coverage.
For me this is perfect for days dilly dallying in London and I am certainly packing some of this with me when I next head for the beach.
One more thing: It's ridonkulously CHEAP $11.50.

I am currently using this for me legs and arms:
I grabbed it in Hong Kong and it was really cheap, although I cannot remember the exact cost.
If you like your body lotions on the super light side then this is for you.
I find that I need to slap on a little extra moisturiser on my appendages before using this because it is so incredibly light that I need to think, "DID I REALLY USE SUN LOTION?".
Because it is a gel it sinks in quicker than you can say ESS PEE EFF. An added bonus is it's fragrance free formulation.

I have to admit, that I will not be buying it again, I think I shall try something from Biore, or Mentholatum or Fasio.....
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Black & White & Boater Hats

How was your weekend?

I wore my boater hat everyday! When I buy something new and funky,
I feel the need to wear it over and over until I get sick of it!

I found this hat in a junk shop for 50 pence:
I wore it out shopping:

And on my way home I bought something yummy from my local market:

Sunny days in London fill me to the brim with joy.


Thank You Massive Much

For the wonderful support with my clip frame purse project.
I have decided to grab some more frames and make a few more.

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That "Alice" Girl!

Yah! That Alice chick, we all know who I mean, she is all over the place at the moment!

I have dusted off my sewing machine with the intention of making something
out of the scraps of pretty fabric sitting idly in my cupboard.

I made some clip frame purses using some "Alice" fabric:

I found a little shop in that sells these brilliant clip frames.
I think they suit the fabric brilliantly:

I found this cutesy heart fabric at the bottom of my pile,
I thought that it helped tell the tale a bit better:

These small clip frame purses are the perfect way for me to use up small remnants.
These purses are so easy to make and the end result is so satisfying.
I shall be making a few more over the coming weeks and perhaps attempting
to make a make up purse sized version too.
Do you like them?

Once upon a time (about a year ago) I used to make "Alice" shiny fings a plenty:

Get Yours!

If you fancy having one of my handmade,
no where near perfect clip frame purses for your very own,
all you have to do is drop me a comment. Tell me something, anything!
I will pick my favourite comments and send you a purse.
You must either be a follower of my blog, a loyal commenter, or a regular in my email inbox.

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The Red Spread

I get requests a plenty for some Red swatches.
I think I may have inadvertently associated myself with this colour in my reader's minds.

So here you are, this is my RED Arsenal.

Bloody nails:
From left to Right:
OPI Tasmanian Devil Made me Do it.
CHANEL Rouge Peche
Some lovely red that Bittenbefore gave me.
YSL #3 Copyright Red

The Bottles:

I have to say that the YSL is my current favourite. It is incredibly long lasting and chip resistant. It also appears to change hue in depending on what clothing I wear.

Tainted Lips:
From left to right:
P&J: Red Ribbon
MAC: Russian Red
Lipstick Queen: Red Sinner
D&G: Scarlett


The MAC and the D&G offerings are my favourites.
The D&G being a touch more...well, scarlet and the MAC being more Claret.

I started wearing red lipstick because I have always admired a woman who steps out in red.
For me it is bold, timeless and glamorous.
I think it takes some oomph to go out there with your lips a brilliant shade of shocking.
When I wear RED I feel a bit braver than usual.


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Pretty Product Questions

I love it when I get a quick question in my inbox.

Here are some beauty product ones that have filtered through lately:

What is your favourite highlighter?

After a couple of years of trying everything that glimmered enough to catch my eye I have settled with 4.

The creamy multi-tasker: NARS Multiple in “Copacabana”.

When I have dry skin days, this is a dream on the cheekbones. It is not called “the multiple” for no reason. It also doubles up as my saviour when it comes to crème blush. I use it to tone down, add a hint of shimmer or as an assistant in blending crème blush.

I also use a powder highlighter. I tend to reach for MAC’s Mineralised Skin Finish in the evenings in either, “By Candlelight” or “Soft & Gentle”. Shu Uemuras Glow On blush in 94 also works as a fabulous gold hued highlighter for me.

What are your current favourite BB creams?

I have 3 favourites:

Oriks Vit C BB cream

Big thanks to Bittenbefore!

I use this on days when my skin is chip pan oily as it’s oil control is pretty darn good.

Lioele Water Drop

Light coverage for “office and straight home” days. This has SPF 27 and sets to a fresh dewy finish.

Dr Jart Dew Drop Blue Label

The one I use the most. SPF27 moist, dewy and light so my skin doesn’t feel clogged. Sheer coverage that keeps looking fresh for hours.

Best My Beauty Diary Masks?

I love this brand of masks more than any other. There! I have declared my love.

I have not tried them all but from the ones I do have I especially like: White Peony Tea, Cooling mask (perfect for beach holidays), Sake and White Bulgarian Rose. I still want to try the Rice masks sometime.

UD or MUFE eyeliner?

Honestly? MUFE! So it is really sad that I cannot get hold of it so easily here. The one above was bought in HK thanks Bittenbefore for enabling me. That does not mean that I don’t like Urban Decay – I LOVE IT! The only reason I place MUFE a notch above is because it really is heavy duty stray proof.

I don’t use any other pencil liners other than these.

The next requested beauty post will shift the swatch spotlight over RED fings….I know, about time!

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