Zoot! Zoot!

If I had to select ONE, just ONE photo shoot that I have spied during the course of 2010 that has stunned me with it's original brilliance like no other then it would be this one from Zoot Magazine.

This Lisboa based publication may be lesser known on the the mag racks but hot damn it it brimming, bursting with imaginative shoots.

Cast your eyes over my favourite and gasp in admiration:

Photos from Zoot Magazine Summer 2010 Edition.


  1. Good Lord!! I have no words o_O
    These shots are strikingly beautiful!!

    Thank you much for sharing!

  2. somehow i like the 3rd pic! its really bright & colorlicious look that she had on her.

  3. Oh, WOW you weren't kidding. Those pictures are stunning, bold, bright and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. FIERCE!!! Eat your heart out America's next top model. I loves it all!!! I must say say that black skin looks the most amazing with bright make up on

  5. @ Hitomi

    It'r insanely bloody briliant isn't it!! I thought sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, Tom Tom is going to Lurve this!

  6. Hello zoo keeper! the minnie mouse image is my fave, the model is a beauty x

  7. This is literally what I think the inside of your head looks like (in a non-serial killer way). It's maddd!


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