What The Dickins!!!

'Pon the Saturday we braved the plunging temperatures and the ice clad roads to meet with friends in frost bitten counties.

Our journey took us to Rochester where as the season would demand it, they were having a Dickensian Christmas Fayre.

We skidded along icy paths, making our way from one mulled wine stand to another.

We shiverred as we gazed at smoke and steam rising from the old houses and we looked on in awe at the commanding stance of the old castle (dates back to 1127).

We stood mesmerised by the gilded carousel (too tipsy to consider boarding the spinning horses).

All in all we had a jolly marvellous time and even made it back to London before we transformed to pumpkins.

I would like to revisit Rochester, perhaps next time we shall go during Spring.


  1. Your photos of the merry-go-round are just awesome.

  2. Wheeeeeee goes the carousel... What a lovely winter wonderland in Rochester...

  3. My kind of lady..two drinks in her hands..lol I'm guessing one is Hiro's though. ;)
    I love that picture of you though, you look so polished despite the very cold weather. I do not look polished in the cold, I look downright hobo. I shall learn the ways of the cold...eventually.

  4. more like winter wonderland.

  5. I wish we could go places like that. Closest we have to Christmas round here are some fairy lights in the kebab shop window and an old drunkard who yelled Merry ...king Christmas at me on my way home from work last night.

    Rochester is lovely. I remember visiting my brother while he was at art school there. Would have loved to have seen it in the snow!

  6. You look gorgeous.

    - I love those pictures of the carousel.

  7. I cannot even express how much I am loving these pictures!!! It's as if you've captured pictures in my imagination!
    Sidenote: hehehe, I'm twitting whilst commenting to you!!

  8. The photo of the old houses looks spooky!
    Love the carousel pic and the one of you on the icey roads! :) xxx

  9. I'm jellybus, i want a spin on the carousel.
    Haha, i've just noticed the two drinks in your hand...yeah, yeah, you're only holding it for someone ;)

  10. Love the lighting in this! Although its winter, it gives it a nice warm glow to everything :)

  11. even in the cold weather, you look so proppa with your hair in place (and I love the earmuffs!). I end up looking like a kid when winter arrives...my scarf wraps around my neck and I plop a fleece-lined beanie on my head...I might need to swap my beanie for something else now...

    lovely pictures, even if it was freezing while you & Hiro were out taking them :)

  12. your photos are so nice! makes me want to go exploring :)


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