Pictures With Promise

You know me.

I am the cantankerous fusspot that seems only to watch films in other tongues.

I can't help it! These are the films that ignite my interest. It just so happens that these films draw me in closer than others.

Here are a couple that I am battling intently with my impatience to watch:

Rare Exports.

A Finnish Film with a blackish heart and a twisted tale.


Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's newest offering that boasts that wonderful actor Javier Bardem. What is it about Bardem that quickens me? I don't find him in the least bit attractive but yet...............

Anything that you are looking forward to?


  1. Javier Bardem & Jeffrey Dean Morgan are very similiar looking & they both make me swoon...I really don't know why though. I think Javier makes me swoon bc of the accent, all accents make me swoon (except American)..haha! When it comes to movies I rarely make a deep selection, it's usually some popular movie that lets me escape for 2 hours.

  2. Oh my, that Javier Bardem!! His unordinary features, quite smile, oui, oui, I admit there is somefing about him that tickles me fancy ;) Thank you for sharing! I will definitely need to look this movie up!

    I, myself am quite interested in seeing 127 Hours by the brilliant Danny Boyle:
    also because I remember when this actually happened in my old state of Utah! It was/is quite the story!

  3. I will so have to see Biutiful - looks amazing - know what you mean about Javier Bardem - he has an interesting appeal. Sorry things still manic my side. Xxxx

  4. @ Tammy

    Anything that makes me escape life for but an hour or two is good!

    @ Simply Jolie Laide

    I can always 100% count on you for some juicy movie banter. <3 <3

    @ Fashionistable

    teeeeeheeeee I am glad that I am not the only one. Miss you busy bee!

  5. Well my dear, i DO! I find him incredibly attractive.
    My list of 'to watch' films is growing incredibly long, thanks to you ;)

  6. hehe, yes, that movie does pose a curiously interesting question....could/would you amputate a piece of your own body if circumstances proved necessary? hmmm.....

    I also think/hope Black Swan is quite promising!

  7. urg, I can't view the videos here (I'm at work! shhhh!) but Javier Bardem does the same thing to me! When I saw him in Goya's Ghosts it was his voice that made me look at the screen twice...that soft accent...*sigh* and yet, I don't really find him that attractive, haha

  8. i do want your thoughts on the imaginarium of doctor parnassus!


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