Once A Long Time Ago, We Went To Rhodos

Hiro and I love the Greek islands. Though they have suffered negative press and frowns a plenty due to the atrocious behavior of British tourists over the years, we still love our breakaways upon their shores.

Once many years ago, Hiro and I went to Rhodes. This was just after they closed those ghastly bars in Faliraki. Nevertheless, we always head for the quieter areas and we wound up in a little pine surrounded place called Pefkos

Let me wallow in my memories:

What a glorious view especially on a snowy day like today in London.

The place where we stayed played host to a band of roving peacocks. This one liked to loiter outside our apartment door.

The view from our home for the week looked out over the rooftops and onto the sea. Such a perfect way to wake up every morning.

Splashing about in the Mediterranean is a true joy for us beach bums

The waters were surprisingly clear.

Hiro loves the sea.

I remember walking through the cobbled back streets of Rhodes Old Town and marvelling at the wonderful shapes that the shadows make against the brilliant light.

I remember visiting the Archaeological Museum that was once the Hospital of the Knights that dates back to 1440. The Museum houses ancient pieces that date as far back as the 5th century B.C.

It gets mighty hot during summer. I remember feeling my skin scorching and seeking out shade during high noon.

I remember eating delicious food and drinking plenty of beer in frozen mugs. Oh an ice cold Amstel on a scorching day is the way to go.

Scruffy beach bum that I am at heart.

The Greek Islands will always draw me in. It's the glorious summer weather, the warm and welcoming people, the food (think stifado and prawns cooked in ouzo, the white washed buildings and the rich and enthralling history that will always bring us back....again and again and again. Rhodes was such a memorable experience. I only wish that the Colossus still stood so I could gaze on in wonder of a truly influential past era. Imagine that!

Hiro and I would like to set foot on as many Greek Islands as possible have you been to any? Which woul you recommend?


  1. in awe of such beauty that is Rhodes, such stunning pictures! Feel like i've been sucked in a swirling vortex and can just imagine the heat on my skin just looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. The peacock is so pretty!
    Amazing photos. I've heard how beautiful Greek Islands are, my uni friend goes every year! So jealous!
    It looks so warm~! xxxx

  3. Oh goodness the sea is so clear & beautiful.

    love love love the peacock how purdy. Why am I not there :( I can't take this snow anymore. xoxo

  4. Beautiful pictures. I can recommend Koufonissia - a tiny island in the lower Cyclades about 8 hours by boat from Piraeus, it was magical.

  5. @ Sasa

    Thank you!! I just googled Koufonissia and it looks beautiful.

  6. It is freezing here today & this entry almost made me forgot the cold. The water, the sand, the sun, the beer...I want to go!! I was not made for these blustery winds, I was made to live near da beach.

  7. greek islands is definately on my list now.
    great pictures that take us to a place that doesn't remind us of the misery that's been caused by the snow in britain over the past couple of days.

    p.s. thanks for hardy aimes.

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh (squeals)!!! GORRRRRRGEOUS!!!!!!! Thank you for taking me to the Greek Islands on this chilly morning!!! I'm going to go share this with hubby right now!!


  9. ahhh gorgeous pictures of the islands make me wish I was there! The peacock is beautiful :) MG's mum would suggest the island that she's from, but I can't recall the name of it right now...I just know that MG and his family would have to take a small ferry to the island, but it's a quiet place with lots of beaches and fig trees.

  10. Aw so beautiful! I wanna/need to go away sharpish...the motherland i calling me

  11. Your pics looks so beautiful! I especially like the one with the peacock, such pretty colours :)

  12. I like the way you wore your kanga!!! I made Barbie a tissue one just like that once :)

  13. Oh god, I only just saw your post today and I am suddenly so bloody homesick....! (sigh and then some)
    Koufonisia is a good 'alternative' choice and you might also like to look at Amorgos and Astypalaia.
    I think I must be the most sun-and-sea deprived Greek right now...prior to my holiday in August 2010 I hadn't been in the sea since 2004.
    And now, allow me to continue gazing at my snowy garden...

  14. I'm closing my eyes (and ignoring my numb toes) and imagining i'm there right now. Oh for a snippet of sun!

    ....this bloody weather :(

  15. I've been to Rhodes! It was like 5 years back though. Its so beautiful and i love that its quiet and peaceful. I especially like the cobbled streets where they had a little shopping village.
    The water there is sooo clear, its amazing.



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