Girl of My Dreams

I am a fool for a floating pretty picture. As it so happens, it was many months ago that my sister mentioned that I ought to go get myself a copy of "Lula" magazine. I retorted that "I DON'T LIKE MAGAZINES".


After some prying of the curious kind, I conceded and placed an order for the next copy. Ahem, that was about 4 months ago! Finally, about a month behind the scheduled delivery date, my very own 1st copy of Lula arrived!

Goodness isn't she a delight:

I think that I may be in lust with this Chanel piece.

Lula is a British, rather hard to get hold of bi-annual (ahem supposedly)magazine, produced to such a high level of quality that you will swoon on receiving it. Lula culminates artistic efforts from a host of international photographers, illustrators, stylists musicians and writers.

There is something sensuously and defiably different about Lula and she is definitely worthy of a place on the coffee table.

Visit the Lula Scrapbook here.

Thanks to Lula I am now rather curious about lesser known and independently produced magazines. I hope to post more about my findings in the future.


  1. What a magazine of utter prettiness! LIKE! lately i hardly reason magazines anymore except Fantastic Man and the odd hairdresser's fare. I am lusting after Apartomento though. x

  2. now tat is a gorgeous book. magazine but really its just fab! definetely a keeper!

  3. Thanks for all your comments!

    I almost choked onmy tea. I saw previous Lula's on ebay going for £30 or more...now that is crazy but it does show how wonderful this publication is.
    but still...£30?

  4. Hello friend.

    This is such a grandoise publication. It feels special in your hands and leaves a haunting mark with its photography. I am glad that you like it too.

    Amanda (long tome fan of Worship at the House of Blues)

  5. Such a pretty magazine!!
    :O £30! Where did you find yours? xxx

  6. @ Vanity Fashionita

    I ordered mine in advance from Newstand.com for £10.00 inlcuding postage.

  7. oh that necklace is gorgeous! since i have the ink on my collarbone, i've been thinking about pieces or even clothing that has more detail in the back to "even" it out a bit ;P


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