The Collaborations of a Muddled Mind

My mind is a rather muddled spot at the best of times. In a moment of delirium I conjured up some make believe collaborations:

I really think that those Sylvanian Family homes could do with a grand design a la Banksy and Phillippe Stark.

As for Barbie? I think she could to with a visit to Viv Westwood and a make over from Mr LaChapelle.

I must try to keep my mind more focused on serious fings in future :(


  1. hehehe interesting collabs!
    I love how you choose children's products, imagine what the parents would say? :P

    make-believe collabs are good for the brain :D


  2. Barbie re-done by Westwood and Lachapelle. Now that would be a sight.

  3. Whoa. That is some interesting imagery there. I would absolutely love to see the barbie one!

  4. I love BARBIE!!! Shes sooo pretty!!! When I grow up I want to be just like her

  5. The Barbie collaboration is hilarious!! LOL


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