Wherever there's danger he'll be there!

Busy day at work today!

My intended post shall have to wait so in the meanwhile I leave you in the capable hands of one my my heros:

I have a feeling that not many of you will know who Dangermouse is! Educate yourselves.


  1. How can you not know who Dangermouse is?!

    My brothers both call me Penfold because I used to have roud glasses like him and I'm short. Haters.

    I wear a (mens) Dangermouse t shirt to bed and I'm not ashamed to say it *sticks chest out*

  2. @ Rhamnousia

    awwwww ahahahaha PENFOLD!!! Ah glad that I can always rely on you to know what I am blabbing on about.

  3. Dangermouse ahahaha, fantastic.

    Feel like I'm having a childhood moment. Love it!!
    Is it even on the cartoon channels any more :( !?!

  4. Brilliant. Hope your day is going well. Xxxx

  5. A longtime silent reader, this post has forced me to open my virtual trap.

    So obsessed are my husband and I that not only do we have the complete series on DVD, we are seriously thinking of naming our firstborn Dangermouse. Well, half seriously. Weelll....maybe more than half, more like 5/8ths...if nothing better comes along, ya know?

    It has gotten to the point where we refer to the future fruit of our loins as "Dangermouse" in passing conversation. Our friends have picked up on it too, so little grub is totally f****d I suppose, since even if we named him Leslie Harriot Chauncey III, the ol' nickname is definitely going to be "Dangermouse".

    Is cool, no? Just think, when coming into his strapping young manhood, he can tell the girls, "Well, my middle name IS Danger, you know!" "Danger...mouse."

    How dashing.

    Anyone reading this, please don't call social services on us.

  6. How can you NOT know DM? He's the Ace, He's amazing, He's the strongest, he's the quickest, he's the BEST!
    My favourite was Penfold! "Crumbs DM!!!"
    Great, now I'm gonna be humming the theme song all day
    p.s Did you ever watch Mrs. Pepperpot?

  7. I had a laugh watching this YT video! The animation is so old school (not that I have anything to compare to, I stopped watching cartoons so long ago haha)..

    Dangermouse is certainly dashing! Is he blind in one eye? What's with the eyepatch?

  8. I LOVE DANGERMOUSE! I used to watch it as a kid... Those were the days...


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