Turn Left at The Juction

I took the day off work today and I haven't done very much with my time off.

Sounds perfect doesn't it?

One thing that I did do is make my way down to the Dalston Oxfam to drop off some stuff that I have been working on. I think that they were terribly nice of them to take in my handmade fings and not send me off packing!

I made a few clip frame purses out of some Japanese Fabric remnants. The badges were made with some Washi Origami paper that I have been collecting over the past 10 years and the necklaces out of bits and bobs that were in my crafting box.

I hope that some of these things make someone happy!!

Dalston Oxfam Shop

514-518 Kingsland Road

It has been a bright but bitingly chilly day today and here are some sights that caught my eye on my mosey about:

Dalston Oxfam's nice things

The shop with scissors and zips in the window.

Fallen sign

The shop with lots of Marys

The butcher with no meat.

Back home for a cuppa bush tea.


  1. I am insanely jealous of how you are able to take photographs of everyday life and make them look so beautiful!

    I love the lip design on the mug. I've got two weeks off work (this is week 1) and I had a massive list of things to do, I was meant to get my eyebrows threaded on Monday but I only got around to it today so I'll have to be a busy bee come tomorrow and Friday.

  2. I'm 100% convinced that whichever lucky sod snaps up your handmade items will be OVERTHEMOOON! I know I would be!

    Oh that cup and saucer is very pretty indeed. I went to an outlet that sold some wedgewood the other day and I didn't see anything that tickled my fancy too much. I shall continue my search for pretty crockery...

  3. This looks like my kinda shop!! Honestly, I'm surprised you don't have your lovely gems in more shops! :)

    Hope you have a loverly rest of the week!!

    p.s. I love that cup of yours! >_<

  4. I think I have to take a visit to Dalston soon :D It seems such a great place! I actually don't live too far from there :P Lucky Dalston to have you XD

    Love the cup! xxxx

  5. you made all those???!!! OMG! i tend to walk past Oxfarm shop as I didn't think there is much I'd need or want. I think I am going into the store now just looking at your fine artwork. beautiful!

  6. it seems you had a very interesting day poking around your endz.
    the crafts look bananas and you're sure going to be blessed for enrinching someone's life with your beautiful handiwork.

    you do have a knack for photographing everyday mundane things or should i say 'fingz' as you call them, and tell and curate a very intriguing story.

    i love the picture of the fallen hospital sign (which i might add is a representation of the NHS today) and the butcher.

    ha! you kill me!

  7. Please tell me you have an Etsy store or sumfink?

    I'd be very interested to know where your cup & saucer is from.

    Whenever you post, it makes me want to start photographing again.


  8. hope you enjoyed ur day off! ur creations all look stunning! maybe you should think about an etsy store? i really like them :)

  9. I heart that Dalston oxfam for CDs and I also quite fancy your tea cup ;)

  10. Those clip frame purses are superrr cute! Btw great shots of those photos...love the cup! :)

  11. What a wonderful thing to do with your creations. You are brilliant. Thank you for sharing your day. Great pic's as always. Xxxx

  12. I love your tea cups :D it's so clever to put a lip stain mark on there. ^^

  13. Your clip frame purses are really pretty!!

  14. i need to take more pictures whenever i go out, haha. practice what i've learned!

  15. the origami badges are adorable!


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