Sin Nombre

Once in a while I come across a film that haunts me long after I have watched it. Sin Nombre was such a film.

This film is frightening, violent, touching and beautiful at the same time without a single whiff of cheese or feeling strained. The wonderful disparities continue throughout the film and vary from the oh so subtle to the BANG in your face.

I marvel at the capture of the magnificent scenery and the beautiful artistic direction.

The story is profoundly harrowing. The acting is wonderful and seamless, the main actor really stirred me. I have to say that this is definately one of my favourite films to date, certainly up there alongside City of God.

I think that this is a stunning directorial debut from Joji Fukanaga and I am looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Watch this if you get a chance.

I am very glad that I own my own copy.


  1. Thanks for recommendation~ always looking for a good film to watch!

  2. I felt the same way when I first saw this movie.

  3. I agree, this is a great film! I live near the US/Mexico border, so the story hits especially close to home.

  4. Wowo you have gone from Dangermouse to this - I am reeling. I have seen this film and it does leave a very strong lasting impression on the viewer. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams what it would be like to live in such a violent community. I count myself very lucky to live the way I do. Xxxx

  5. I watched this movie with my roommate, it was really good but also very sobering. I think what makes it so beautiful is that it is so "real".

  6. I was thinking about City of God when I was reading through this post. I havent actually watched that film =l *shame face* I need to get round to it but Im such a sappy cow I get all emosh and what not

  7. Now i'll have to hunt this down, i'm starting to collect a pile of unwatched films BUT this looks immense hon ;)

  8. I've seen this. It's amazing isn't it? Powerful. Thought provoking. Passionate. The guy (okok so he's like 10 years younger than me) is kinda cute too!

  9. I cry EVERYTIME I watch this film.


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