Où sont les étoiles?

They say:
"Neon lights have a double pollutive effect – they waste electricity, and through their luminosity, they prevent us from seeing the stars"

They are: Clan du Neon. A band of French instigators bent on running around Paris (and other major cities) at night with the sole intention of switching off unnecessary neon lights. Sound odd? It's rather comical, do watch the vid!

We Think: They are bloody brilliant.

I want to join this worthy revolution! Switch off those blasted neon glares. I am no tree hugger and while saving the planet and all is well and good, what actually appeals to me is the thought of seeing the stars over London. Imagine that! I want to gaze upon the stars once more!

Food for thought:

No surprises who our biggest light polluters are.

I think I practice my Clan du Neon moves by switching off all the office lights in my block in the City of London whilst listening to this. Now just hope that I don't get arrested.

As this post relates to Hiro's occupation, here are some thoughts from one of his lighting heavyweights: Why Dark Matters

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  1. I remember seeing a programme about this on TV. They went to Canary Wharf on a Sunday at 1 am and all the lights in the building were on full force, the same as if it was just a late winter afternoon. Now why do they need to do that? Surely they can just switch off all the lights when the last of the employees leave?

  2. The video is pretty comical, the guys giggling and bouncing along! If only those neon lights in London were so easy to switch off!

    Somehow I can imagine you skipping around the offices, listening to that song turning the lights off :D xxx

  3. @ rhamnousia

    exactly we dont need to keep alllllll them lights on when nobody is in the building! shall we join them? oooh but only in the summer right? lol

  4. I see Jo'burg n Cape Town on that there map.

  5. I don't understand the practice of leaving lights on at night in stores at ALL - the odd sign, fine, but all of them?? The only lights that are always on at night here are the street ones... but that is because people are always driving! They aren't even on ALL the time - I think most of them are now motion activated so they only turn on as something approaches or passes them.

    Oh, most of Canada is blocked out because the population lives in the southern half of the country lol - too cold up north! And it's a bit amazing that Japan (I think that's Japan) is a giant ball of light *squints*

  6. @ M.A.C nunu

    I know! I can see Nairobi as well! booooo! Big up DRC for being the DARK HEART!

    @ Vanity-Fashionista

    I would!!! I really would!! Me and my homemade clareeeeesonique? pwahahahaha

  7. Dubai. the worst offender.
    love that lauryn hill reminder.

  8. Saving that picture as my background. It's just lovely.

    London is the WORST for leaving on lights. So stupid. I was back in Hong Kong during Earth Hour and I think ours was the only flat on the entire island that switched everything off for an hour.

  9. These guys are my heros!
    However i did think they were about to start smashing everything in sight, but no, much more polite!!
    I'm pretty lucky that we live just outside a small village, so there isn't alot of light pollution, and the stars on a clear night are nothing short of amazing.

  10. I love to see the stars at night - and though I spend quite a bit of time in Paris, I always enjoy it when I return to Germany - in a tiny village- the stars are especially lovely there and the lights are usually out;-)

  11. I love stars but...I love Christmas lights too...I'd switch the lights off to see shooting stars though :)

  12. @ Hitomi

    I do like some Christmas lights in fact there is one location in London that I look forward to seeing every year with it's festive lights a glowing.

  13. that's true, I can understand street lights being on all night. =/ but neon shop signs are a bit too much. especially if the shop's closed =0!
    it's not just pollutions, but it's a darn waste of energy for no reason!
    @_@ i admit i like christmas lights too, but still don't think those amazing outdoor home Christmas decos sound be left on all night. haha

  14. I did like that video was comical but educational.

    in honesty I never knew this about neon lights, learn something new everyday.

    Never did understand keeping building lights on all night *confused* who needs to see in an empty building.

  15. That's amazing!
    I love their giggles!!

  16. Light, it is an amazing thing and we have learnt to use it so many amazing ways. And yes sometimes the most amazing thing we can do is switch it of, so we can enjoy the greatest light show of all - stars. Xxxx

  17. thanks for this post...i've learned something new!! very educational :)


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