Sometimes faces piss me off!
Just sometimes and not anyone's in particular.

I wonder what life would be like if we all had a blank canvas instead of features?
Imagine if all our faces looked the same?

I wonder how this would effect the way we see, the way we interact and the way we admire each other?

I think we (myself included) place too much emphasis on the way we and others look.

If faces were a blank canvas then we will probably find something else to obsess about.

My idea of beauty does not lie in perfection but in imperfection.

I wonder about these things yet, I buy so much make up.........so I am a contradiction unto myself.....a bullshitter. A multifaceted living discrepancy.

"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction. "
Oscar Wilde

Inspired by article from Dazed Digital, the film Frankyln and a painting by Reneee Magritte
Faux leather leggings from Topshop
Pintuck shirt from Moss Bros
Black jacket from Warehouse
Kendama was bought in Japan
Bowler hat from charity shop
Pillowcase taken from my bed
Photos taken by Hiro.


  1. The facelesness is kind of scary ;__;

    I think that if individuals were truly faceless we would just find something else to focus on... sometimes it seems like the human race truly thrives on finding differences and either celebrating or punishing them --> in this case you'd likely be judged more on intelligence and action vs looks (which is the way an 'ideal' society functions in theory, no?)

    I try not to make judgements on looks personally but I also know they are important to me - otherwise I wouldn't buy makeup! But makeup is not a mask for me (or, I would think, for most people) - it's an exercise in self-improvement and expression for me! It depends on how you approach it - I'm sure some people will use makeup for concealment vs. enhancement; for me I want to look like 'me' but polished. Caving into the pressures of vanity - but at least it makes me happy (most of the time!)

    Men perhaps were free of this conceit for a certain period of time, but given the advancement of grooming for BOTH sexes, I doubt anyone can say that society sees them exactly as they are all hours of the day!

  2. Absolutely brilliant!
    Hats off to the both of you...

  3. i love this ALOT! you have made my day.
    that's why house of blues is my first port of call every morning soon as i get into the office.
    so much to say but no time.

  4. Amazing shoot, I LOVE the photos! You and Hiro are awesome! :) adore what you're wearing too!

    If it's not our faces it's our body. If it's not our bodies it's what we're wearing.
    We're never satisfied with what we see, therefore we have to find something to nip and pick out. It's the selfishness of us human beings...

  5. o.o wow they look really eerie yet cool @_@
    I love the look of that toy =0 it gives it a very nice playful feel to the photos :D very awesome!

  6. OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GAWDDDD * clap clap clap clap* while cupping the side of my stomach...brilliant...creepy...and everything i ever expected and more...so many many times did you get the ball in the coop with that bag ova yeahhh head....

  7. The photographs you have here are brilliant, you take the notion of taking your own photographs to a different level.

    The title reminds me of the Manic Street Preacher's video for If you Tolerate This where the people have faces but no features, they literally had skin over their eyes.

  8. Amazing. You have such talent m'dearest! x

  9. Very strong atmospheric post. Quite dark OC. Yes I wonder what we would turn our attention to if we all looked the same. Interesting. Xxxx

  10. This is BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes it would be nice if we could look past a person's looks...maybe we could stop being such a$$holes to each other for a bit.

    Loverly, loverly, thank you for stirring up me brain.

  11. To use my hubby's favorite phrase...'you are balls to the wall!' This photo shoot is amazing - creepy & beautiful at the same time. <3

  12. Thank you for your honesty and sharing it. It captures my mood lately. I find the continuously comparing, bashing and complimenting of people (women towards women especially) of their features and faces to be the cancer of this society.

    Ofcourse, as Oscar Wilde suggest, women have been valued on external beauty in a higher extend than men throughout history, however, we have internet/forums/glossy magazines these days that keep penetrating our minds and souls with images of what they think is perfect, and scrutinizing imperfections as faulty or as something that can be 'made over' with makeup or plastic surgery. I have to struggle a lot to declare my features as my own and given to my parents and the DNA lottery given to me. For exaple, my non-existing cheekbones (it was not me that noticed that, those were other girls who pointed the non-existence of my cheekbones out to me, so much for sisterhood). However, I do not want cheek implants to fake the cheekbones I never had! I have as much sympathy for people who take that choice and create their own face with plastic surgery, but it has to be a choice and not a thing that everybody has to do to get ahead (literary) in life.

    So, on a more positive note...love the photospread. You might be faceless but your head is working all right and you are a bomb of creativity so with or without face, you are (f)ace.

  13. Firstly, these are amazing shots. Very cool and I love the setting. Though, it's not often faces distract me? I am admittedly a culprit of assessing a persona based on what they wear.. first impressions count for a lot but I like to think I'm pretty open minded post-glance! jazzy ♥

  14. You're batshit crazyyy and i bloody love you for it!
    These are AMAZING!!!
    You know we'd still obsess over our hands, or our hair...or our little toes

  15. fantastic.

    you can still make this posts so beautiful as usual with your words & wisdom with -no face-

    Your words ring true.

  16. amazing shoots ! i like it a lot !!!! xxx

  17. Love both yours and Hiro's creation going on there. I have to say the faceless, erm, face did freak me out a bit. my question is, where did you find an old house like that to take the pictures?! genius.

  18. this is strangely frightenly sublimely moving. May be my favourite post..


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