A Glass and a Half of Sweet, Poignant, Hungry Friday

The Sweet:

I found this in a little curiosity shop that I like to hide in. This is my scan of an old postcard designed by the ever popular Mabel Lucie Atwell that was sent to someone in 1947:

The Poignant:
I am not usually one to snoop through another's mail but it touched me that this was a remnant of a past friendship:

I hope such a token from me to another survives in this way.
Oh! Isn't is strange to see a King's head on a stamp?

The Glass & a Half:

I don't know why I am attracted to nail polish that makes me think of food.

I got these Nails inc & Cadbury's Bliss collaboration and in the bottle they look scrummy. I am especially happy with the Vanilla Bliss as it is such a different shade for me. Vanilla Bliss had a swirl of gold through it and the Cocoa Bliss a swirl of silver. I will be sure to let you know how I get a long with these.

The Hungry:

I am always thinking about my tummy. I am a glutton I know! I think we will pop here for dinner tonight:

Nothing fancy! Just a quick bite down the road from home.
Btw, this shot was taken with my trusty Yashica.....Good ini?

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to!
To my UK readers; as tempting as it can be try not to blow anything up!



  1. lol awesome nail polish! I wonder if they'll come out with other colours for a range of lolly shades :D the vanilla bliss looks great in the bottle ^^ does it smell like vanilla on your nails too?

  2. I am a Lucie Atwell collector and would like to buy this off you. Would you consider selling it?

  3. I may be the only person who isn't at all turned on by the Cadburys nail polishes. Maybe I'm sick.

    We pretty much plan on yelling at the neighbours for their annual fireworks display...they spend between 4-500 pounds (of their hard earned tax payers money) on fireworks every year...because they know my housemate's dog is really scared of them. Looks like I'm spending the evening with a cowering german shepherd under my duvet!

  4. Haha blowing something up is the BEST BIT of bonfire night! Safely of course :) Thankyou for your darling sweet comment,and look my name on the sidebar :) You are a sweetie jazzy ♥

  5. the post card is really meaningful. I hope the two remained friends. the nail polishes look really pretty! vanialla bliss. swirl with gold? yes please ^^

  6. well now all I can think of is a big bar of Cadbury chocolate! or a chocolate creme egg, even though they haven't made them in years! the polishes look lovely, can't wait to see how they look on you :)

    I keep staring at how lovely the penmanship is on the postcard...

  7. mmmmmmm, chocolate and some wonderful vanilla flavor. if i painted my nails those colors, i think i would eat my nails! i really need to go eat now, hahaha :)

  8. oh and i've totally forgotten to comment on the postcard. that is AMAZING. i keep most of the letters and notes i've received in a bag in my closet; one time at my house/apartment some silverfish got into it and i almost cried. now they are here and safe, i have not seen a silverfish here at ALL and i am so happy. i hope to open the bag up in a few years and smile and cry.

  9. I like how captivating your words are and the way your pictures are taken. I find myself coming back here very often to check out what new things you have and I'm so glad to find a blog whose author writes regularly and good stuff to boot. How do you find the time and the inspiration to keep writing? I wish I could do that too.

    Love the vintagey postcard. Somehow, it reminds me of Tom & Jerry times. I can't explain why and those cherubic girls are just so blast from the past. The nail polish look so yummy that I'm thinking of chocolates now! I hope they don't smell like nail polish. Hee...

    Anyway, your brutal honesty in the Tokyo post is commendable. I've never set foot on tokyo before but I've always wanted to visit Japan after listening to so many fatastic Japan stories. I guess if I ever go there, I would subconsciously be looking out for all the things mentioned on your Hate List.

  10. oooooh! I've never heard of those polishes, they certainly look delicious though! on a similar note, guess what I forgot to tell you? I tried some China Glaze polishes on my plates and HELLO! super duper easy peasy now! >_<

  11. I love the old postcard! So cute! I used to collect old postcards before and still keep them in Japan...
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Ooh those are such a lovely nail colors!! I esp. like the cocoa bliss..anyway I hope you had a wonderful dinner! :D Btw to have a vintage post card or any sort of vintage things are awesome...priceless!!!

  13. You've just reminded me I need to do me nails! Those shades are lovely. :) I especially like Cocoa Bliss!

    Aah the postcard. I keep every single piece of mail I get from friends. Considering the age we live in, it's not really much. Two of your notes are in there, so be assured there will always be a piece of you with me. :)

    You really did provide something for everyone here!

  14. This is an eclectic mix indeed. Great postcard. Lovely glimpse into the past. Xxxx


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