The Best of 2010 Round Up: Nail Edition

2010 has been the year when I really enjoyed mucking about with me talons! Here are my favourites:

Nail stamping has been a right old relaxing past time this year. Konad image plates have not let me down as yet and I am glad that Mayaari nudged me into trying the Bundle Monster plates too.
My most used Konad plate this year has to be the M57 plate but I also love the M71.

Prettiest Polishes 2010

These are my most reached for polishes of 2010.
Top row left to right: Parado PK36 , GOSH Gold, Canmake Tokyo 16
Middle row left to right: Eyeko Vintage Polish, American Apparel Mouse, Rimmel Grey Matter.
Bottom row let to right: Rimmel Electric, YSL Copyright Red, Parado BE04.

You can get Canmake Tokyo Nail Colours from A Pop of Kawaii

Best Nails Bits & Bobs 2010

Creative Nail Design Solar Oil has to be my favourite nail and cuticle treatment. Do to my OCD hand washing nut-caseness, my nails became rather weak and started to peel. After using this oil continually (twice a week), the treatment penetrated deep into my nails and stopped the peeling and now my nails are strong and healthy again.

OPI Correct and Clean Up nail pen. This is fantastic for nail art junkies. It has a firm tip that allows me to tidy up my nail mishaps easily.

ELF Cuticle Pusher. Cheap and chips and brilliant to use.

Top coats can really support a nail polish's finish, colour and durability and these are my most used in 2010.

Nails inc: Kensington top coat for it's super glossy finish. Albert Bridge top coat for it's super fast drying capabilities and the Konad top coat for sealing nail stamp art.

My go to Nails inc Kensington base coat caviar for protecting my nail.

Do you have any nail faves from 2010? Care to share?

See my favourite face makeup products from 2010 here.


  1. tootall nail envy!! i can't prettify my nails due to work im shattered. i really want the nail stamps but there's no point as i can never play with them.. awwwww!! x

  2. GOSH Gold looks divine and so does Parado BE04. The one with the cutest packaging must be Parado PK36! Sweetie, are these Parado polishes $? How's the quality like?

  3. I keep saying this, but I'm so envious of people who can do such beautiful nail art! Thanks for sharing your konadicures - they are beautiful. Now I want some of those nail polishes, even though I suck at painting my nails!

  4. i love them all ! they are so pretty ^_^

    i need to get me some nail stamps...

  5. Mouse looks super pretty, I have fallen in love with Ciate polishes this year, super opaque and lovely colour choice.

    My nails have been peeling too, I think I need that CND solar oil. Lush lemony flutter is also on my faves list ;-) x

  6. I love your konad stampings! The leopard print attracts me the most :)

  7. No long ting I literally just bought the solar oil, thats consumerism at its best.

  8. Envy you nail art! I can't get my nail stamping to work properly...xxx

  9. ur konadicure looks so nice and accurate! great done!

  10. I love the pink with gold speaks in it

  11. Love you nail art :D they're stunning. the Parado PK36 nail polish's a very pretty pink!! sucks that they don't have it here @_@

  12. came straight to this page as soon as I got your email! i am commenting because i want to ;) - so beautiful. love the patterns! still haven't be able to work out konad you sent me til this day lol. Oh of course, thanks for the shout-out - much appreciated!

  13. sorry i commented with my old blogger account >_<

  14. I love this post! I think I'll have to give that YSL one a try! ;) I've never seen that OPI Correct & Clean pen either, yet another product I'll have to give a go :)
    Oh Yasumi, my nail collection is getting out of control (shakes head).....
    Lovely post my dear!

  15. that parado polish looks like such a pretty gold :) I love seeing the colorful polishes you wear and your skill with the konad stamps - have you been able to get the BM chandelier to work? every time I try to use it I can only get part of the image to lift onto the stamp.


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