The Best of 2010 Round Up: Face Edition

It's that time of year when I like to round out all the product fandangos that I have been frolicking about with and let my beauty mad readers in on what I consider to be the dogs bollox, the bee's knee's or the cream of the crop in my beauty cabinet.

Base makeup seems to be a decent place to kick off these shenanigans with, so here we go:

My Most Favourite BB Creams of 2010.

BB Creams are essentially souped up tinted moisturisers that include skin repairing and supporting ingredients. I have ditched all foundations in favour of these as they are so much easier for a make up muppet like me to apply.

2010 saw the Japanese take over of my BB cream stash which once an entirely Korean affair. These are my firm favourites.

Love Clover BB. Medium cover that leaves a wonderful dewy moist finish (available from IchibanKao)

Nanoce BB. Medium cover and great colour match with a nice matt finish (available from A Pop of Kawaii)

Quzulan Gelo BB. Daily staple! Sheer moist cover that is super comfortable to wear.
(available from Adam Beauty)

Sunplay Sunkiller BB. SPF 50 and my HG for summer days. Super light cover and fragrance free
(available from Adam Beauty)

Numero Uno of All Concealers 2010

Lancome's La Touche Pro blew me away with its seamless lasting cover. Available from all the usual places.

Bloomin' Bestest Blushes 2010

Top to bottom, from left to right:

MAC Petticoat : My sister used to LOVE this and I bought it because it reminded me of her and now I LOVE it too.

Chanel Orchid Rose
: Such a wearable shade during the summer months.

NARS Turks & Caicos: I love the gel like sheer texture and the pop of peachy orange.

Canmake Tokyo Vitamin Orange Cream Cheek: Another orange shade that I really love. I used this all year around as the texture is so light and easy to use.

Becca Amaryllis Creme Blush
: Highly pigmented stuff so a little goes a long way but this but such a fantastic colour, sort of peachy rosey?

Canmake Tokyo Peach Stripe Cheek Gradation: This is my 2nd one of these. So reasonable and just outstanding in quality and colour pay off with a thouch of fine shimmer.

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Sob: This is my favourite blush for winter and spring! Just a subtle pop of pink on my pallid face and it's dewy finish stops my winter dry skin from looking too awful!

NYC Plaza Pink Creme Stick: Thank you Notarichgirl for sending me this. It satisfies my peachy desires and works a treat another much used blush for 2010. Such a pity that we cannot get these here in UK.

Canmake Tokyo Sweet Apricot Cream Cheek: Canmake really blew me away with this range of cream blushes! This is one of my summer/Spring faves!

Highlighter Highlights 2010

From top to bottom, left to right:

MAC By Candlelight
: Such a wonderfully pink champagne colour. Great for boosting miserable winter complexions and sunkissed holiday nights. This got great reviews on MUA.

NARS Copacabana Multiple: I use this to highlight and to blend with other cream blushes to add a pinch of dazzle or tone down heavy handed applications. This is definitely a HG for me.

MAC Soft & Gentle: A near everyday favourite for me. I love sparkles.

Shu Uemura Glow on P Gold 94: A rare and very interesting shade that is gold yet slightly mauve on me. Have a look at the diligent My Makeup Reviews for a swatch.

What have been your favourite foundations, concealers, blushes and highlighters this year?



  1. Super roundup. This got my attention on twitter! :D I like that Illamasqua blush, it's such a pretty shade! And that Shu Uemura glow on p gold 94.

  2. I WANT THE MAC'S & THE MULTIPLES!!! PLEEEEASE SUMI PLLLLLEASE!!! I recently bought lancome's teint miracle and I have to say that its more impressive than the pricey Terry one

  3. that's a great selection :D they all look so good x3

  4. Ooo wonderful post!
    I am really liking the Sana BB cream too along with NARS sheer glow!
    I've been wanting NARS Turks & Caicos, it's so pretty and I want to try some orange blushers. This year I have gone blusher mad hehe! LOVE MAC's Stereo Rose! I want Petticoat too!
    By Candlelight is a staple of mine too! xxx

  5. Great round up! I'm loving canmake cream blushes too, they are love!!

  6. @ Hitomi
    YOu loony toon!! You have your own no?

    @ Diva
    I love pretty shades too....strange but gotta be pretty!

    @ Mint
    Thank you!

    @ Vanityfashionista
    Thank you! I love the sana bb its sooooooo gooooood!

    @ Dina
    Canmake rocks blushes......bad for my wallet though!

  7. Love them Canmake cream blushes!
    Come IMATS next year, I shall send you MUFE HD Blush to try.
    When I figure out where it is exactly that I'm to apply highlighters, I'll buy one xD

  8. Love the products you picked ;) I think I'll do this post too!!!

  9. Love your mini reviews, thank you for featuring apopofkawaii too!

    i dont seem to get a matt finish with my nanoce bb cream for some reason.. you reminded me i should the nars multiple copacabana more often!

    i was thinking of doing a post like this, except less products :P

  10. I really want to try more BB creams. Thank you for this list.


  11. Since I started blogging I've wanted to try BB creams a lot of ladies were using them more than foundations. Nice little selection I must say :o)

    Those Canmake tokoyo blushes look GORGEOUS!

    Great 2010 round up. xoxo

  12. Thank you for sharing this! I love knowing what products you like.

    For some reason, i haven't been able to rock cream blushes. Do you have any tips?

  13. love the Canmake and NYC blushes - now that I know how to use cream blush, they totally make my day! MAC MSFs are great as well - I just wish all the good ones weren't limited editions!

  14. "he dogs bollox, the bee's knee's or the cream of the crop" - such a wonderful phrase!

    Ahhhh your blushers and highlighters are definitely drool worthy!! Love love love!! <3


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