3 Strangers And Meanwhile City

HE blogged about it though I didn't know about it.
I found his blog and posted a link to it on Twitter.

SHE saw it and had her curiosity piqued by something which she sent back to me.
I was captivated and so ran to get it on Friday evening.

We are 3 strangers and Franklyn, became our common ground for a moment in time.

Franklyn is a film of 2 realities, 4 tragedy stricken characters and one thread that strings together their unlikely beads of life.

I myself was drawn in by the set and costume design (which is spectacular), the twist of period London in all it's murky hues and the promise of a good yarn.

Franklyn is not a seamless tale. If it were a dancer she would be an an ambitious mover yet a little unsure and thus jerky in her movement. As it stands I really enjoyed loosing myself in it's creases and would recommend it to some but not all people that I know. I loved the visual contrasts of it and the tale shall haunt me for a fair while.

The storyteller was so used to his fantasies that no matter how good his reality was, it was never enough. Would never be enough.

I wouldn't listen to my film recommendations. What I like usually suffers from rather poor reviews if you care about such things! to put it politely, my tastes are rather off beat. That said, it doesn't mean that I will stop trying to get you to watch the motley crew of DVDs that we have on our shelves.


  1. now you make me wanna see it just to check out the set and costumes.

  2. I'll probably hate this. I do however, love your overview. It's very inspirational.

  3. off beat is always good in my book!
    Looks like it's full of visual delights~


  4. I want to see this just for the visuals!! I like movies that are offbeat.

  5. You know I'm gonna hunt this down and watch this, right?!
    The costumes do indeed look spectacular.... and reality bites anyway ;)

  6. Oh my what lovely imagery! I feel a tickling of inspiration in my noggin-- my fav is the lady with the red hands. Peekaboo!

  7. The visual and the costume looks great however I think I would pass on this one...I'm not really good with off beat flims :( coz I get lost and confuse...or 98% of the time I didn't get the concept of the movie.

  8. this looks rather odd....but in a very interesting way!

  9. haha! your little disclaimer at the bottom just makes me want to go see it that much more :P

    OH there was a film i've watched a few times in school that it makes me now wonder if you'd like it.. if only i could remember the name.. "blow up", the 1966 version :P

  10. I'll probably hate this. I do however, love your overview. It's very inspirational.


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