Twinkle, Twinkle Shimmery Nails....

...Art thou "hits" or art thou "fails"?

I am not so sure about glitter laden talons on old biddies like me.
It didn't stop me giving it a go though did it?!

I used this as a base which is the oldest nail varnish that I own! I think that this relic is at least 7 years old. Perhaps it is toxic? Still works a treat though.

I then went a lil bonkers with the glitter polishes!! Top right Homei hearts and stars polish (Gift from Nic Nic yonks ago) Top left: KATE holographic micro glitter polish.

I wonder....



  1. Personally I think everyone could use a touch of glitter at any age, but that might be because I'm sure a part of me is part-magpie and just likes shiny/pretty things.

    I really like this! I Don't think it's glitter overload at all (the super sparkle loaded nail polishes - definitely). I have lots of nail polish relics, most from a Korean brand who's name I've worn off the bottles. I have never finished one because I only wear it on my toes!

    Speaking of which, I probably should have redone my pedicure today, but I totally forgot! Oops.

  2. Glitter on nails is a-okay, as long as it's not too over bearing IMO. This is subtle and looks quite festive :)

    I have no nail polish relics as I always throw them away when they get funny lol

  3. It looks pretty and perfectly age appropriate to me. It's not like you have a shimmering glitter-loaded christmas bauble on the end of your finger!

    I have a CD nail polish that is also about 7 years old! It's a very pretty apricot gold shimmer which is sooo subtle in its goldness. It still applies very nicely and isn't gloopy at all! Surprising! Must be the old formulas, since another 3 year old CD nail polish has gone all thick and gluey!

  4. i love the glittery nail looks.. but it's so hard to remove ! lol.. for me anyway..

  5. @ laalaa - me too! but this seems to last and last, curious!

    @ Jian- ah they dont make things like they used to! lol

    @ siwing - yes!!! I have that issue too!

    @ Justine - Thank you dear!

  6. ahem, let me quote something a wise and beautifully talented soul reminded me not so long ago...
    "bugger the rules and social expectations!" ;)
    besides, we could all use more glitter and sparkle to make our lives more magical!
    in conclusion, they look lovely, just lovely!! :)


  7. this is far from too much glitter - I've worn polishes that have chunks of glitter in them! glorious to look at, but such a pain to remove afterward!

    I think the oldest bottle that I have is a bottle of teal polish my friend gave me in high school...circa 1996 or 1997, lol. 2nd oldest is a bottle of Chanel polish I got from my mom - still looks good too!

  8. I really like this look! It's seemingly simple until you take a closer look. Unfortunately I don't have many old nail polish. I hate clutter and purge my stash periodically. The oldest bottle I have is probably from three years ago. A metallic blue polish by Wet n Wild which is goopy and unusable now but I can't let go until I find another similar blue...

  9. Ive found you!

    Im so feeling that glossy gel varnish it sounds right up my street. Ive got a Barry M yellow polish I bought about 5 years ago...its when I wanted to be uber cool with bright raver nails...I know my style now and I cant really see my self wearing this anytime soon.

    Maybe for a special occasion or fancy dress??

  10. All my nail polishes are relics. I always keep my nails very short so never polish them as a result. Only my toes get a summer coat. Makes me in awe of everyone else who can do it well though. Xxxx

  11. Oooh! I have one of the Homei ones. Mine is more pink and has stars and moons, I believe.

    I think it really depends on the kind of glitter; done tastefully, I think you can get away with a lot. If it's too much, it doesn't look good on anyone, regardless of age.

    I wish I could be more motivated to do my nails but my nails get messed up almost immediately because of the cooking, washing dishes, etc.

    I love that nail polish, though. I think it's super cute!

  12. the glitter nails look lovely on you!

  13. Love the nails~ perfect for everyday!
    I want my nails to be pretty too...lol.

    I can't say much of the Canmake gel eyeliner as i have never tried it...but i swatched it at the Canmake display. It seemed creamy and pigment but the Kate one is actually better. According to Nic Nic, her Canmake eyeliner seems to dry up very easily in the bottle. I don't know about the Kate one as i only had it for a week... I will keep you updated on that.


  14. I like this look- really natural with a hint of Glam- My kind of girl ;)

  15. i love your nail shape! i think mine are far too wide and stubby, haha. i do love the subtle glitter on you though :)

    my oldest polish is definitely my revlon khakizing!


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