Tweedle Me!

What can I say?
I really do love my lil' tweed jacket!
Here I am AGAIN ready to go out for a stroll in Soho.

I look like I eat lemons! Like if I smiled, my face might break!
Before you ask; Yes! I am a miserable old cow. I quite like me that way too.

Sucking on a sweet! Still no smile!

I am anxiously excited about my new "baby" which is a lovely toy TLR. I shall fill you in with more details at a later date. For now, I am rife with itchy anticipation while I wait for my test film to come back from the dark room!

What I Wore:
You already know that my Jacket came from ASOS

I bought the funky shirt from a charity shop for £3!!
My shoes are from Office

Denim Shorts from Warehouse

Bag from Marc Jacobs

Like my tights?
I am actually wearing 2 pairs. The cream "base" pair is my usual 110 denier selection from Tabio and the cream lacey pair ontop was a gift from one of my dear readers! Thank You again DM!

I don't have perfect skin! No where near it infact! Hiro is just good with light! I hand on heart, never photoshop my face (unless I tell you so). Quite frankly, you can like it or lump it...this is me! Warts n' all!

SANA QUZULAN GELO ~ Cover Liquid BB #2
I received this a few weeks ago and have been using it regularly ever since. I am blown away by it and would definately repurchase especially now that I have spotted it on Adam Beauty.

It provides a sheer but buildable cover and has a nice dewy yet non greasy finish. The oil control is not fantastic but I am now in colder climes so it doesnt bother me so much. It is moisturising without being overly so and it is smooth on application. Loving the pump bottle too!

Learn more about it HERE
(Psssst I am wearing this in the pics above)

As all my pics are trapped in film at the moment, I can only show you what we had for lunch during this outing:

The lunchtime pit stop was at: Taro
61 Brewer Street

I had a spicy teri-chicken don. They really mean it when they say "SPICY" here! It was nice and it filled a gap. This is very "Japanese for European tastes" type of grub. I say well done Mr Taro! That is the way to make the ££££ roll in!

This place has changed A LOT. I remember when I ate here about 6 years ago...it was very different then. The staff were nicer for a start.


  1. Ah, I adore the bohemian feel of the ensemble.
    The top photo of you tickles me fancy;-)
    That spicy chicken looks toothsome - am dreaming of Jerk Chicken right about now. Adore the tights, too. White/creme tights look good on your skin, it certainly doess not on mine;-)

  2. Lighting in the first pic is awesome~ And you do have the most exquisite haughty expression ^0^

  3. @ Insideoutelle - Oh dear! I do look haughty :(

  4. That's quite a frown OC. Lovely ensemble, though I might say that didn't you get some of that sauce from the food onto your precious tights?
    Ha! Now that would've made you more miserable-looking than in the first picture.
    Have a good day...

  5. @ Old Cow - oh noo :( I meant it as a compliment -- You look serious...but with PANACHE if that makes any sense ^^ I when I try to have that look I end up just looking...childishly petulant...

  6. @ Insideout elle _ i was just joking with you! hihihi *mischievous giggle*. I like petulant child poses...they are so adorable

  7. What a beautiful camera you have around your neck!

  8. Amazing post! Lovely style...great shots!

  9. LOL... love your "I'm an old cow" thing.. you are so cute ;) LOVE the outfit too - you can wear waist high shorts *jealous*

  10. i love love love the lace stockings :D!! me want me want! i hardly have the opportunity to wear them atm but still lovely to look at!! and u are no old cow, love it when u have outfit posts:) and ur face x

  11. Loving your outfit, and the second photo makes you look mischievous, cute! :)
    Yummy food, must try Taro next time i'm around Soho.
    Oo possibly another BB cream I should try...?:P

  12. You know you're beautiful right..?? Right..?? You ARE!!

    I love that first picture!! My hubby needs to learn how to take pictures like Hiro..I always look odd when he takes my picture..lol

  13. I can't believe every picture of you turns out so pretty! It makes me jealous (*sits in corner and crosses arms*), haha ;)
    Ok, so BB Cream...if you had to pick one BB Cream, what would it be? Fun fact: I think I'm one of the last few Koreans/Asians who has never tried this wonder cream o_O
    pssst....I can't wait to hear more about this lovely new toy camera of yours!

  14. you look dashing! Love the jacket.. I can never pull of tweeds like you!

  15. You're really funny when you kept referring to yourself as "old cow". I do love that sour look on your face. Think high fashion, not sour puss *kidding* I would end up like a joke if I pulled the same stunt like you. I love that gorgeous little camera hanging down your neck and your lovely shoes. Love the brown and pink combi. Or are they brown and pink?

  16. You look gorgeous - the lemons are clearly doing you good! I can never pull off blank/haughty/uninterested expressions in photos - I just look really tired and/or angry. The outfit is gorgeous!! I really need to buy tights this year.

  17. I really, really love the first picture of you. It is like a painting. I live the light the balance, the colours the composition what you are wearing everything. It is beautiful Xxxxx

  18. miserable old cows are more interesting ;) oishii!! BOTH your tweed jacket and lunch at Taro. xx

  19. i love all the photos esp. the first one!! i love the color of the tree in the background..its soo pretty!! and the food looks soo yummy!! makes me want to have some spicy teri-chicken don!! hehe also i'm glad you like it and i'm happy to see you are wearing it XD

  20. Haha! Lady i always look like i'm sucking lemons in my piccies too! If i do any other expressions i just look like a total dork. I think haughtiness is the only way forward.
    Ps. first pic is ah-mazing, not only is Hiro a great photog, he's also got a gorgeous (if slighlty miserable) model... i'm jesting, you look incredible ;)

  21. ohh i love the idea of layering two pairs of tights, though i don't know i ever would. and i love your nonchalant expression, sort of like a very high end doll but one that walks and talks and is brilliant :)

  22. the camera really adds that oomph to your look. and layering tights? GENIUS!! you look gorgeous me lady

  23. Missy.. you bring smiles to my face!! And I love how put together you always look! Your unique awesome style is just one of the things I LOVE about you!


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