The Man Buys Vinyl

Hiro doesn't download music. He never bought CDs.

Hiro is all about Vinyl. He always had been and I think he always will be.

Hiro bought his decks when he was 16. They have served him well for they are still going today.

In all he has about 1,200 12inch and a few hundred 7inch records too. Most are old Studio 1 reggae compilations, 80's and 90's dancehall and some "back in the day" UKG.

(Photo taken using Polaroid Supercolor)

He says that he likes to PLAY music and not just listen to it. He says that he loves the crackling background sound that old records have.

I love them too. I love going old record shopping with Hiro. Flicking through hundreds of records, pulling one out and remembering that chooooooon! Most of all I love the smell! It's not that different to old books.

Unlike old books however...Music holds memories in an entirely different way.


  1. I know what you mean about the smell, I love it.

    When I was at uni, I was living in Greenwich and we practically lived in Lewisham on our days off. I used to love going to the market by the shopping centre..the shops behind it were a right gem, there was a shop that did afro hair and a shop that sold records.

    Me and my mates would spend ages in there, the guys who owned it were brilliant, they actually knew the music and didn't get annoyed when we asked them to play about 4 million of the vinyls. We'd have a good old rave in that shop and it was brilliant.

    I really want to go back and see if it is still there, it's like a different world back there. I remember once my friend slipped on some fish because the guy at the market selling it had just chucked it on the floor, the guy from the record shop was on his lunch and he carried her back into his shop.

  2. Now that's dedication.
    kudos to him.

  3. collection envy. I love vinyls the cracking sound is just so vintage and it sounds real & raw.

    Being that I live with my grandmother we have a lot of vinyls laying around it's what I grew up on. Love to see that your living the vinyl life too

  4. I love the crackling sound too and that short pause before the record plays <3
    My dad used to have some vinyls, memories... :D xxx

  5. That's so cool, I really approve. Wish I had the money to do this with vinyls!

  6. omg so old school....I love it. These remind me of my dad actually. He still has his only vinyl records of the Beatles...they're all warped now and we don't even have a record player but he still keeps them~

  7. I feel the same way. I've always found records I wanted to collect but bo player. I think I might just start it up after reading your post.

  8. A beautiful post. And Hiro is such a dude! The crackling behind the sound of the record?? You have such words my dear. i know why I'm addicted to your blog! x

  9. My brother in law is obsessed with vinyl too, he hunts them down like it's his job..hehe!

  10. I don't download either. But only because I don't know how how or am sure were to put it, I don't have an ipod either. I like my mind to wander on the trains etc - not be mindless. Xxxx

  11. that is soo cool to have that much of collection! wow..i'm jealous

  12. I think if we were neighbors MG would want to hang out with Hiro to go through his record collection :) that's a lot of love invested into collecting those records!

    I miss listening to records, and hearing that crackle when the needle hits the spinning vinyl

  13. amazing. my parents also have a collection of vinyls, they're just so much fun! it really is an entirely new experience.

    you can't really see the collection but here's part of it <3


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