Once, A Long Time Ago, We Went To Goa

There is nothing more satisfying on this planet than...

....scrimping and saving...

....working like a donkey...

....just to go on a spectacular adventure....



I remember when Hiro and I made it to Goa in India.
Part of our trip was spent in a beach hut:
Yes! That is the very one!
It was right by a little backwater that looked out onto the Arabian Sea. Not exactly a picture of luxury but it was clean, airy and comfy and about £8.00 per night.
From here, we watched kingfishers swooping down on little fishy suppers.

A little structure made of bamboo.

A bed with a view!

Our own bridge to a paradise beach.

Just us.
We hit this part of Goa, known as "Mandrem" at the very end of the tourist season so there were no other people around for miles and miles.

See that blob in the distance?
That's me!

Clean sand.

After all these years...I still look at this photo and sigh.
The unaware beach seller with her many wares cuts a lovely shape against the sea and sky.

The bridge at night.
Goa has some gorgeous sunsets.

We loved visiting markets.
Indian markets are an experience.

Goa is thus far THE most colourful place that I have had the pleasure of visiting.
Everywhere you look is alive with spectacular hues, it's much like being in a kaleidoscope, or so I imagine.

I remember that we ate like kings!!
Food was so very cheap!

I would very much like to return to India sometime.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little snippet of our past?
I wonder if you would like to see more of our past adventures in the future?



  1. wow that looks magical and yes, would love to hear more stories about past adventures, anywhere in the world :)

  2. Yes please more travel stories!

    The hut reminded me of the huts I stayed in when I travelled through Sri Lanka last Dec.


  3. I worked for a little while in Goa. It's really a lovely place! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all of your adventures..I've always wanted to go to India. You ever see or hear of a place and think - I belong there! That's how I've always felt about India.

    Beautiful pictures!! I love the picture of the bridge at night & that beach looks magical. Please keep on posting about them. =)

  5. That looks like an amazing holiday. =) I think you and I share a love for beach huts too. =D

    Again, gorgeous photos

  6. wow.. i love the bridge that led to the beach.. and clean sand.. and the colorful markets..

  7. when was this! u and hiro have always taken such wonderful pics!

  8. Wow indeed! I'd never really thought of visiting India, but now it does look rather appealing! I am far too much of a scaredy-cat though to venture around the world. I think I need to grow up a bit! Otherwise I feel I will miss out majorly on life!!!!

    But yes, would absolutely love seeing some more travel posts! It is inspirational! =)

  9. Goa looks amazing. Looks Beautiful and peaceful.. You lucky thing!

  10. Oh Yasumi, you must know how I feel about this post! My heart is all a flutter :)
    Thank you for letting us "travel" with you (if only through memories)...I can't wait to see where you take us next!

  11. @ nic nic - not LUCK!! Hard graft got me there :)

    @ Simply Jolie Laide - I "know". xx

    @ Jian - you are not a scaredy cat! It's good that we are all different!

    @ Tammy - you must go! South India is wonderful. I am thinking of Kerala next time.

    @ astrorainfall - I would love to go to Sri Lanka!

  12. Goa looks so beautiful, LOVE the photos of that bridge. I have a thing for photos with a bridge looking out onto the beach with a beautiful array of colours in the background, that sunset is gorgeous! xxx

  13. This looks amazing Ive never really wanted to travel to India except Goa out of all really takes my fancy, it looks like such a beautiful place...kinda magical too =)

  14. I love the bridge pictures, they're absolutely gorgeous. You should do more posts like this :) I like looking at pretty pictures

  15. how fun!! the intro reminded me of "up!" the movie.. except you actually got to go to paradise falls :P hahaha. looks like such a colorful place to go! how interesting to be able to stay in a hut.. i'd LOVE to go.. sounds like such a photographic adventure.. not to mention a life adventure! thanks for sharing :)

  16. Oh alwyas, alwyas. Keep sharing please. Xxxx

  17. Goa is amazing! You should try Kerala too...so beautiful!!!

  18. lovely , i love the bed setting and romantic bridge ! thanks for sharing love xxx

  19. wow its been a while and i missed a lot of your giveaways too TT_TT hope you'll do more in the future. anyway this makes me want to travel to India XD btw i really love the photo of the sunsets on the Goa bridge.


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