Older Than I....

I have a camera that is older than I am.
I love the weight of it. The feel of it. The look of it.
A true thing of beauty to my eyes.

Yashica Electro 35 GT (Coupled Rangefinder) made in the 1970s.

Up until recently, I have been far to occupied with staring at my camera to use it. But, use it I did and I have a new stack of scanned of slide film for your viewing pleasure:

"The Lamp post" Dalston, Hackney

"Ghost Signs" Dalston, Hackney.

I have a thing for "ghost signs". Decrepit fading old signs that once emblazoned the walls of a bygone generation.

"Bird Houses" Dalston, Hackney.

"Hiro Shadow Chasing" De Beauvoir Square, Hackney.

"Lux Veritas" De Beauvoir Square, Hackney.

You may recall my previous post about our stumble through De Beauvoir Square here.

"Before they bring it down" City of London.

How strange it is that this eyesore that takes such prominence in the City of London should shroud a rather forgotten ancient temple in its foundations. The Temple of Mithras was built in the 3rd Century. I wonder what it's fate shall be with the building above it marked for demolition.

I am busy scanning in the rest of my film so will be sure to stick some more before your noses soon.



  1. Wow, the camera still takes great pictures!

  2. i prefer pictures with you in it...and perhaps hiro...but of a street lamp...for god sakes worm i work under one every night...i dont need to see one photographed in broad zoo light!!!

  3. How did you find a camera like that?! It still takes amazing photos, kinda gives a slight aged effect.

  4. My lady, you are always one step ahead of me! I'm always at the 'still reading your posts' stage when I receive an e-mail notification with your comment =D

    These pics are all taken with Yashica Electro 35 GT? The quality is really good!!

    Pigmentation wise, Addiction wins, Suqqu is rather sheer-moderate and subtle. Texture wise, I prefer Suqqu, the shadows are softer and creamier.

    I read that Suqqu's new eyeshadow range is more pigmented, a definite improvement!

  5. It shows vintage is still the way to go for such great photos. What fantastic quality.

    If you made a coffee table book of your photograph. Pre-orders by me would flood in lol

    Gorgeous my love. xo

  6. You have such a good eye for the unique in our cityscape. I just walk past these things and not notice. Bad bad me.

  7. Your clicks are sick Y! I am especially loving the lens flare of Hiro snapping away. There's so much mood and thought in your shots. I was looking at some old Konicas on ebay. THey are pricey...i might consider a Practica though...I just need to get paid! :D Am sending a couple of 120mm films to the darkroom tmr. Wish me luck xx

  8. @ Pink

    Ahem that lamp post is ACTUALLY a self portrait!! pwahaha

    @ Diva


  9. very nice!! i love the photo of the lamp post and of the bird houses..

  10. Wow awesome camera! Loving the bird houses photo! :D xxxx

  11. it seems the old girl still has some juice left in her.
    those pictures look amazing and i love the old signs.

  12. hehheh you are making me dig out some of my old cameras bought by my dad!

  13. beautiful camera - looks like it can still take some quality photos! you have a great eye for making ordinary things seem not-so-ordinary :)

  14. it takes a well good picture, just reading about these ruins now. you got me going

  15. i luv how the "Bird Houses" & "Hiro Shadow Chasing" was shot its amazing and the quality of all the photos came out...that is soo wonderful that the camera still take great photos :)

  16. i love ghost posters/etc as well! just something you don't see these days and they were obviously made with such care, versus ads nowadays that change every 3 months (or so it seems).

  17. i luv how the "Bird Houses" & "Hiro Shadow Chasing" was shot its amazing and the quality of all the photos came out...that is soo wonderful that the camera still take great photos :)


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