The Mole Man's House and Beyond

This weekend, I insisted that Hiro and I paid a visit to the "Mole Man's" house. If you are a Hackney Resident then word of this once infamous resident will be old news to you. If you haven't heard of the Hackney Mole Man then this sit back and expect a curious tale to start your Monday at the House of Blues.

The Mole Man's name was William Lyttle and he passed away in June this year.

The Mole Man had a peculiar "distraction".

He spent 40 years of his life burrowing a network of tunnels under his £1m Victorian house.

Eventually, after continual complaints from his neighbours, the council managed to evict him. They say that his extensive digging reached 20 metres ine each direction from his house and some 8m deep in some places.

"Tunnelling is something that should be talked about without panicking." William Lyttle

I have heard that they plan to demolish the Mole Man's house. Instead there shall be 8 new appartments on this prime plot.

I cannot say that I won't miss seeing this ramshackle site on my way back from work everyday.

Just beyond the Mole Man's old home is De Beauvoir Square which is one of Hackney's most handsome little greens. We stopped to take a few photos and enjoy the sight of the turning leaves.

The colours of the dimishing summer are spectacular at this time of year.

I have developed a real appreciation of tweed jackets and rather heritage looking garments.

My brogues are from Kate Kanzier and I adore them muchly!

I imagine what it must be like to sit on the throne of a crumbling castle.

Dear Readers,
I hope that you have enjoyed our walk through yet another side of Hackney.
I also hope that you like my larger photos?


  1. I do like your larger photos and as always LOVE the interesting and magical stories you tell! I'd never heard of the mole man, but now I'm intrigued!

  2. Your first picture looks like you have a giant nose-ring...cute though. I kind of get this Dickens-like idea in a female form when looking at these pictures. I like how you still look feminine in boy-type of clothing...

    Looking at your photo-stories, I always want to stay in London for longer than one day...I think there can be so much exploring to do...But thank you for letting your non-London readers take on a virtual and photographical tour with you...

  3. @ Catty
    Thank you! He was a curious soul indeed

    @ Birkinbagebeauty
    Trust you!!

  4. No fair..I don't know of anything interesting like that here. All we have in NJ is a magazine called weird NJ & that's filled more with scary things, not interesting like this.

    I love the bigger pictures...the better to see you with my dear.

  5. I love what you're wearing first and foremost.
    Second, that guy must have had alot of time on his hands...more like claws.

  6. your stories & photos makes me want to visit London....more of this please....XOXO

  7. Logistically the idea of digging that many underground tunnels baffles me - especially to do it alone! He must have had an amazing amount of foresight and planning abilities to avoid bringing the building down on top of him. Will they leave the tunnels there as they rebuild?

    I love the larger photos :) You look beautiful!

  8. Wow, a fasinating story. I guess it's become a trademark in Hackney. Shame it has to go...
    I recently experienced the atmosphere and beauty of Brick Lane. I can't believe being a Londoner myself I had never been there. Goes to show, that in the heart of your birthplace you don't know everything, there are so much many more corners left to explore :)

    Love your photos, you love beautiful as always! xxxx

  9. It is lovely to see you in your post again. You went to the Mole mans house. Ha. Love it. Sorry in a way to hear they are going to turn it into apartments. Xxxx

  10. Beautiful compositions with some wonderful perspectives. Exquisite photos

  11. @ Leovi - thank you for finding me.

    @ Vanity- Fashionista - WHAT??? YOu only visited Brick Lane last week? Sheesh Kebabs where have you been shopping all this time?

    @ Justine - Crazy people around me!!

  12. is that the new blazer u speak of?
    i love it!

  13. How fascinating! You seem to know all the great bits about your area, I love it. And I am definitely a fan of the new bigger photos!

  14. The story and the pics are amazing! Love your tweed jackets :D

  15. @ Yumeko - It is the very same one!

  16. I LOVE the size of your photos!! and i love ur style. ur brogues i want to steal them off your feet. x

  17. i do like the larger size. i'd also love to see the film that you've processed from this day! :) the first photo is probably definitely my favorite, love the color and composition!

  18. I love your outfit and the photos too!! btw I was wondering if could you do a hair tutorial? i really love how you put your hair up :)

  19. the mole man, excellent! not heard of this but i want to know ore already. i used to live in stoke newington, which was alright


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