Deplorable Laments on a Frigid Friday

First and foremost; I bid my new "Residents" a warm welcome to the House of Worship Blues. Welcome aboard! Make yourselves cozy! Find a roost to perch on and I hope you find my assorted chocolate box of a blog has something to suit your fancy. Don't be shy! Make yerselves known and leave a bowl of noodles in my comment box sometime!

On with the bla di blah....

'Fraid that you have caught me on a bit of a downer. It's cold enough to freeze the bollox off a brass monkey and thus; I am not an 'appy bunny! When the chill sets its claws into London, it pierces through right through me thermals.

Blast my miserable complaining! Let's look back on some super technicolour summer shots taken with 35mm and my White Slim Angel.

"Park Life"

" Hiro in Stealth Mode"

"Crown and slippers"

Yup! I am the type of odd 'un that sits in the park wearing a white cardboard crown eating my ice cream and reading my book.

I wish you all some memorable weekends! For my part, I will be shopping for some new winter warmers.

Do pop in again next week for there are treats in store! shhhhhh


  1. that photo of hiro in stealth mode made me gasp! i didnt see ur caption till i scrolled down and i was like omg who is that! thought i was seeing things XD

  2. @ yumeko

    You are so funny!! LOL!!

  3. Oo I love this piccies, especially the one of Hiro in stealth mode :D I'm curious to see his shot of you :P
    Have a awesome weekend shopping! Keep warm! xxxxx

  4. Your crown reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.

  5. Hi! Newbie here to your blog! Love it! It's starting to get chilly here is Cali...but I know that I'm sure you would laugh at all of us wearing jackets when its 65 degrees outside. Off for some shopping myself! Have a great weekend!

  6. The blue cast of these even makes it look a little chilly... *bundles up*. The sky looks so amazing and blue, though!

    Good luck with the jacket-hunt!

  7. Frigid Friday indeedy...i can't cope with this coooold...am thinking of getting fingerless gloves and wearing them indoors!
    Ha, I love that you're an odd 'un too!
    and the images from this camera are fantastic, the sky is the most amazing colour of blue
    ahh, the lovely hiro too, more of this please ;)

  8. "It's cold enough to freeze the bollox off a brass monkey"...you've just made my day, no scratch that, make that weekend.
    Will sure drop in next week for some more treats. have a lovely weekend.

  9. awww I love these pictures! I know it's crazy, but I actually wish it would get colder where I live. I suppose I've just been aching for different seasons again since it never really changes much here. it's actually got me down lately! :(
    anywho, many apologies for my "late" comments, hehe. I'm catching up with your posts :)

  10. Ahh yes I am looking forward to summer again soon. Do love the clear skies of Autumn but only with lots of layers for venturing outside. Xxxx

  11. mmm, what a pretty colored sky! i love ice cream and laying down on a blanket in the grass, just dreaming.


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