Towards The Pattern Market

Though we know our area well, we still walk around like tourists but without the stuttering bewilderment. We like to "explore" our own post code. We want to witness it's metamorphosis.

On this day, the brilliant yellow car wash sign drew our attention.
It takes all sorts.

Bodysuit - Benetton
Dress - Natural Vintage (Japan)
Floral footless leggings - Tutuanna (Japan)

Patent leather jazz shoes - Bloch

Bowler hat - Ebay

There is a shine in my shoes and my bag is on the floor coz I am throwing it out.....strap broke :(
We also popped into the Pattern Market for a nose around. They have some gems in here (I spotted a gorgeous McQueen skirt!).
We especially like their book collection.

If you are in the area, pay 'em a visit!
242-248 Kingsland Road
E8 4DG

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, whatever you are up to!


  1. sounds like a lovely place~ I love the dress you're wearing too ^^ did you end up buying the mcqueen skirt?

  2. @ Mint

    I didnt buy the skirt...forcing myself to save £££.

  3. The hubby & I do this all the time..tourists in our own community. Whenever we take someone out the first thing they say is "I didn't know this was here!"..

    Oh honey..never, ever put your beautiful bag on the floor...it's a spanish superstition that if you place your bag on the floor it means you don't care about your $$ therefore you will lose it.. =( plus the germs..gross..lol

  4. the hat is super cute on you :)

  5. @ Tammy

    The strap broke!!! :( HUG ME!!

  6. Sound cool. I agree with Mint I loke your dress too. Have a great weekend Xxxx


    i have meeesed some posts since then....*slaps my own face* ...i want to draw a hitler stache on your face and then rip a hole in your stocking

    that is all

  8. you look amazing miss yasumi ^_^ i luv your flora leggings

  9. I love the love you got for your 'hood'.
    I really do. Love the outfit too. Great look.

  10. i really like your leggings! its too bad you got them form japan.. *sigh* they always have such nice pieces

  11. I'm with Cinnabunnie on this~ That is one fabulous leggings!

    I see lots of Dolly Wink products in one of your previous posts, you have been hauling!

    Totally random, have you tried anything from Mellish? I heard that they are better than Candy Doll and boy, was I tempted to snag me some CD products but now with M around, I might say bye to that lemming!

  12. Oh, how I wish there was something like this where I live. Pattern Market looks like so much fun, the kind of place that I could browse endlessly!
    I really like your outfit. I love the pop of pattern and colour added with the leggings. Floral is one of my favorite prints! :)

  13. love the dress!!why does good things have to be in other countries~...shucks about the bag..=( but it gives you a chance to get a new one!

  14. gimme that hat!!! hahahaha..awesome pics darling! you're so lucky you can hang out in your neighborhood like that..because my hood is shit! I have to drive for everything and all the places around here close so early...it's a bummer. xx

  15. Love that dress, I love tulip skirts.

  16. You amazing sense of style never fails! :)

  17. i second wuzz. i demand a photoshoot whenever i meet you!


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