Time slept at The House of Worship Blues.

The countless clocks stopped working many years ago and so time had lost it's reign within these walls.


Exactly one year ago the doors yawned open inexplicably to let in a few new "residents"

I would like to commemorate that day but giving away a few items from my collection.

*Click on pic for a bigger pic*


Take a look at my blog banner.
See all that random stuff upon it?
Tell me, what YOU would like to see on there!

Answers to be left in my comment box below.
I may add the winner's suggestion to the banner.
Giveaway closes on 7th October



I never expected to have such fabulous readers and on-lookers.

I am astounded with the amount of "residents" that frequently visit to have a look at my ramblings.

I often wonder if my assortment of interests will confuse you.
I decided that you are all far to intelligent for that to happen.
Now and again I suspect that people wonder what on earth I am "on". Make up one day, food the next, dressing up when I feel like it and babbling about tea cups the next.


I correct myself.

We are all so choc full of thoughts and ideas and to blog about just one thing is not really me ( so help me, I cannot control the bludgeoning randomness) ...

I know you can forgive me for chucking a flurry of disjointed compositions at you.

I would like to think,
that after a year....
you would expect nothing less!

Thank you for supporting my little blog.


  1. Camera! I would love to see pictures of different types of cameras you use :)
    Happy one year blog anniversary!
    What I love about your blog is that it's not just a beauty or fashion blog, it's about anything you want to blog about and I love every single post your write. I LOVE the way you write! :D

    Looking forward to more years to come as a resident of The House of Worship Blues ^^ xxx

  2. more vintage accessories: necklace hmmm.. vintage mirrors

    yay! great prizes!!!

    my email address: rescueta@gmail.com
    my blog: http://rhaindropz.onsugar.com/

    hugs and kisses

  3. I AGREE with you!!!

    A convo with someone went like this: What are you doing? Why are you, a beauty blogger reviewing food?

    What is wrong with that person? I'm not strictly a beauty blogger, if I want to blog about FOOD then I will!

    Maybe you shouldn't approve this comment, it wandered into rant territory hahaha. Miss talking to you on Twitter!!! *sniff*

  4. I'd like to see delicate antique tea sets, petit fours, lace curtains...perhaps a sunbleached quilt full of memory and faded by time.

  5. i think it needs some food. cos food is such a big part of you!

  6. I find your banner very interesting :) If I was to add something, I would like to see your favourite piece of clothing! I've seen some very beautiful clothes in your photos that look stunning like those tattoo leggings :D or that vintage dress. Or a cooking pots and pan since you've beening blogging about cooking and yummy foods ^^

  7. Different neighbourhoods in London that you explore? Your Twitter updates? Your bio...You leave little clues about your past, eg growing up in South Africa (I think?) so it'll be cool to know a little bit more than that but hey maybe you don't like to reveal all....

  8. Dressforms and food... I vote for macarons!

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday WATHOB, Happy Birthday to you. I love the journey you are taking us on. Long may it continue.

  10. I want to see clock, indian elephant statue, pretty lipstick canisters, egyptian something

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I removed my previous question because I felt like an idiot asking. I was not overthinking my 'noodles' and I am not good being spontaneous

    Thanks for your reply, my dear, so quick. You have a great blog but I do not understand it as much as your other readers, I think.

    Ehm, a prozac section

  13. @Birkinbagbeauty

    awww! I dont think I understand it either shhhh!!
    It is starting to have a life of it's very own!

  14. An owl..just because I love them and they symbolize knowledge & wisdom, which you are sharing with us. =)

  15. hmm.. a lamp.. your ceramic cross necklace.. a vintage camera.. a vintage picture frame?


  16. How the time has flown! Happy 1 Year my dear Lady Blues...and here's to many more!!

  17. congrats on your blogiversary! I love reading all your posts and seeing the snippets of your life through photos :)

    I think there should be some keys splattered around your banner, maybe a camera or two...perhaps a monchichi in the birdcage or hiding behind a chair leg?

  18. hehe glad you hit your one year mark! ^^ its definitely not easy! i'd like to see something along the lines of "the boy with the cuckoo clock heart" ya know, just something thats beautiful in its own way. and unique!

  19. i'd love to seeeeee.. something related to all of the photos you're taking :) or maybe have the setting in some place that means a great deal to you. graffiti? or some piece of the winning contest entry story about the worship blues! :)

  20. Hmmm I think a pair of spectacles are missing from your banner...and not the kind you now wear on your face, but the kind that point up, or horn-rimmed like potter's, laced together by a bronze chain so you'll never lose your specs :D

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway^^

  21. Your blog is such an interesting read and screams class and elegance.

    What I think would be great to add to your banner is a Childhood Favourite of yours. Childhood favourites have a certain unforgettable place in our hearts. It would be a great addition to your current theme as it would contain and element of what made you.. You!

    Sorry about the rambling, thanks for opening this opportunity up :)

    nickname: miky612

  22. i would love to see the things that make you happy such as food, make-up...maybe a bit more asian-ness? hahaha...hmmm, and maybe nuts? since this blog does contain nuts :)

    i follower you!
    name: vicky zhang
    email: tora-chan111@hotmail.com

  23. Aww, I would really like to see a cuckoo clock (the book you are reading reminded me of it) or one of those nifty old metal binoculars with the gorgeous handles that people would take to the opera. :D

  24. alexander mcqueen jewelry. :)

    particularly this piece:


    you posted this once upon a time and I instantly saved it in my for future lottery winnings purchases files. lol

    and food. definitely food. :)

    my first thought was cream tights/leggings that you love so much, but then I wondered how funny they'd look just empty, without any legs filling 'em... maybe you could crop your legs wearing cream tights. and place 'em standing on the armchair, or just smack dab standing in the middle of your header. lol
    whenever I see cream tights/leggings or with little roses, I always think of you. :)

    congratulations on your blog anniversary. Your blog has always been a source of inspiration, or nice to read whilst sipping a hot cupppa tea. I am so glad I found it. :)

  25. I know you like music and your blog is about the blues so...a saxophone maybe? or a harmonica...not sure it would tie in to the banner but you get my drift...old school vintage Billy Holiday type ramble x x

  26. Definitely makeup! lashes, eyeshadows, lipsticks and clothings! since I adore your OOTDs =D Keep on blogging my dear!!!

  27. A collage of all your "shiny fings" that you've crafted..it was what originally caught my eye.. the beauty, delicacy with a hint of mystery and much history from the hidden stories and inspiration to be told and unfolded from all your 'shiny fings'.. thanks for having this blog!

  28. I actually enjoy how your posts are everywhere. I love that you change your blog up every now and then. Food and fashion are my two favorte things besides this is yor blog and you should write about anything you want. I think it's cool how you blog about unique teacups you find as well.

    As for your banner I think maybe you should post a picture of a tea pot to go with the teacups or a tall grandfather clock. Since everything else is so code to the bottom or all the way at the top, I think something in th middle would be nice.

    <3s Serena.

  29. I just found your blog today, and have been reading through your posts :) I really liked the pictures from your mask post, maybe you could incorporate one of those into your banner in addition to some sort of food picture. I like how you have a lot of different topics for your posts, your banner could reflect that too. I change my banner up every time I feel like it, keeping the text but moving around the pictures/background colors to suit my mood.


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