Precious Time

I most enjoy spending time with Hiro's paternal grandmother.
She is a remarkable woman who has seen plenty and gone through much in her time yet never lost her grace nor dignity.

Hiro & obaaba

Obaaba lives just outside Tokyo.
We meet at a soba-ya near her home for a spot of lunch.
She cannot eat much these days but likes to join in anyway.

I have some cold udon topped with spicy beef.

Hiro has a soba tempura set.

As always, we go back to hers for tea and stories.

Obaaba never tells us the same tale twice.
Her hearing is going but her wits are sharp and her memory clear.
She speaks with a gentle tone but her innate refinement and
eloquence are clues to her past amongst the gentry of a bygone era.

Obaaba is an inspiration to me.

Obaaba gave me something.
I look at it and wonder at what it has seen.
It belonged to her mum.
I shall not tell you who she was,
You would never believe me anyway.

It is now my most cherished possession.


  1. japanese food always loooks so yummy!

  2. Oh what an emotional story. Now I would really love to know who Hiro's great grandmother was. What a beautiful gift. 'A thing of beauty is a joy to behold'. Thank you for this post. Xxxx

  3. Just sawe you comment on my post - I am very happy BB has gone too. I was surprised anyone was still watching that nonsense. Each to their own. Xxxx

  4. I would believe you! (Sorry for the absence...) x

  5. beautiful,

    I always love hearing people speak of grandparents their own or others, it's amazing how the stories they have to tell are the type that tug you at your heart strings or make you cry with laughter.

    I'd love to have such inspiring/beautiful stories to tell when I am older.

    You do publish beautiful posts, what a gorgeous gift she gave you, that must really mean a lot to you that she has passed you on something. It's going to keep us all curious to know who her mother was :)

  6. Must be wonderful to know someone so beautiful. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  7. @ LaaLaa

    EXACTLY!! I am collecting tales me!

  8. @ hannahduong

    Where have you been lady!! xx

  9. GAWD, now I definitely wanna know who Hiro's Obaaba's mum was!!!! Spill the beans, girl!

  10. it's beautiful! I'm sure your Obaaba's mom was a great person :) great post! it's a pity I never got a chance to get to know even my grandparents.

  11. Now I want to know who obaaba's mother was! You can't just tell half a tale! that's just cruel.
    I too love antiques, the Church Street Market was my absolute favourite place to go whenever I was in Cape Town. I love hearing the story behind each piece and wondering about the bygone era it saw.
    Needless to say, I love watching Antique Roadshow...

  12. @ Macnunu

    Can we have more in common?? Is it possible?

  13. I wanna know! I wanna know!! What a cliffhanger!! Tell me..pretty please!!

    I love the stories that other people have to tell..especially those of the older generation. This post makes me miss my grandfather very much..he had some great stories..

  14. Sounds like a remarkable woman.

    p.s. congs, i notice you've clocked three-hundred. wooo!

  15. I would believe you too! =)

    It's so lovely that she has so many great stories to tell. I'd love to hear some of them too I'm sure!

    The brooch that she gave you is so elegant and beautiful!

    My boyfriend's father has been on antique's roadshow before! I haven't managed to find the episode yet though! I don't know if you've seen the Jersey one?

  16. this is the best way to spend time
    i am glad to hear she is doing better too!

  17. @ Yumeko

    she is so frail, i forget that she was so strong in the past!

  18. i really need to go to japan to have some REAL japanese cuisine! ^^ the udon and the cold soba..mmm
    thanks for sharing this touching post with us

  19. I'm really enjoying pictures of food on your blog :)

  20. But I also missing seeing shiny things! Please share!

  21. I love how with so few words, you can make me think so much.

    This post made me think of things that my grandmother has given me and that I have never paid much attention to, I'm going to have a good old look at them when I next get the chance.

  22. Family is such a treasured thing! How sweet of her to give you such a treasured family piece.

    Now I really wanna know who "mama" was! :)

  23. the food looked delish...and wow 0_0 what Obaaba gave you is priceless!!! it is soo beautiful and what's soo priceless about it is that it has been passed from generation to the next generation and so forth. Please tell us who she was....I would like to know.

  24. what a beautiful gift - i'm sure you're going to cherish it for years to come :) but I want to know the rest of the story!!!

  25. that pin is marvelous! i'd love to hear the story if you wouldn't mind :)

    i wish my grandparents were alive still, 3 passed away bfore i was born and i don't remember much of the 4th as she passed away when i was quite young. luckily my boyfriend has all FOUR of his alive still, so i can spend time with them :)


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