I Wanted My Nails to Resemble Tea Cups...

I wonder if that sounds peculiar to you?
Click on image for a bigger pic

In order to implement my fancy,

I used my Eyeko polish in "Vintage",
which is a sort of bluish greenish with a bit of muck, in a "good way" sort of shade.

I topped it with some Konad from the M71 plate in white.

In defence of my uncommon ideas:
“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”


  1. I love these! How beautiful! I would love that pattern over a pale pink, too. The contrast would be subtle but lovely, I think.

  2. You are a talented little squirrel, these are fantastic jazzy ♥

  3. Soo pretty!
    I suck at konad lol, can't seem to get it right yet... xxx

  4. I really need to get ones of those plates, they look so cool!

  5. @ F I shall try that next!

    @ Claire I love your blog!

    @ VF YOur enabling made me get this polish.

    @ MJ Really? hmmm I have a plan!

  6. morning my crazy tea cup! [i might have to start calling u that. or maybe my saucy saucer? XD]

    love that eyeko color!

  7. Pretty nails! I have yet to try konad but I will someday :D

  8. love the way you did your nails! one day i'll get konad, one day lol

  9. These are incredible doll!
    Fabulous infact, i hadn't heard or seem these patterns before, shall def have to check them out. I'm a nail art fail, but i may be able manage this ;)

  10. beautiful! def matches your teacups XD!

  11. Vintage is purdy!! It looks green in some pictures, and blue in the others . I seldom paint my nails, or I'd get meself some of those Konad plates~~

  12. So delicate and pretty! I need to show my Konad set some love...

  13. Ahhh and you have achieved it. Cute nails. Xxxx

  14. i keep seeing your posts with konad nail decos, i cant seem to find where you purchase from, where can i get my nails to be as pretty as yours? is there an online shop? they are just too gorgeous x


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