I Live in Hackney.....

...and I lurve it!

A while ago my boss gave me his old Polaroid Supercolor 635CL.
It was still boxed with the instructions.
I am certain that you can imagine my delight!

In my opinion the Supercolor is by far the most stylish Polaroid made. It is rather compact and the handy strap attached to it makes it so much more drag-alongable.

I wanted to share some of my test shots with you.
These were taken within our home or in our surrounding area.

The light

If I could fly...

Ridley Road Love.

Once was a home....

I am drawn to these residual remnants of buildings.
I am moved by the thought that they were once inhabited by people.
Now, all that remains are scraps of wallpaper, paint and the skeletons of where walls once were.

Hackney is changing rapidly.
I wish London didn't "win" the Olympic bid for 2012.


  1. There are rarely remnants of buildings that survive here... usually they are torn down so that something new can be built - so it's interesting to see what kind of buildings have survived in London!

    I know you aren't incredibly excited for London 2012, but I hope it can do for London what it did for Vancouver (and the rest of the country) - I don't think I've ever remembered a time when my whole COUNTRY was excited for something :)

    That being said I don't find the summer olympics that interesting - so if you need an escape from the madness I hope you find one!!

  2. It makes me sad when they pull down interesting stuff for yet another block of lego flats. I love those big old three storey and a cellar houses in Hackney.

  3. @ Grace London

    Me too. They tore down a beautiful old theatre to build hideous Barrat Homes flats...they make me feel ill!

  4. Hello.
    Your stories in this blog makes me really calm and happy ,,,thank you.

    I do love the picture of "Ridley Road love."
    Nice pic.

  5. Is that the Ridley Road in Hackney? I remember walking along it on my way to the Broadway Market one glorious Saturday in what feels like another life time ago.
    You inspire me to bring out me mum's old film Kodak xD

  6. Beautiful images~ love the window!
    Cheers to your creativity~
    ps: added you to my links!
    Have I told you how much I'm so glad we reconnected again? ~xo*

  7. I Love that final shot. I looks like you have cut it up intho sections. Very cool. Xxxx

  8. I love nostalgia and I hate it that old buildings with a long history and rich heritage have to be demolished to make way for modernity. Glad to know of people who share the same thoughts about "ancient relics". ;)

  9. Polaroid images always have a nostalgic feeling to them! So inspiring!*-*

  10. what a classy camera :D love it! i love remnants of houses as well, so much history walking in them...

  11. Please do not get me started on the olympics and how they've raped and pillaged east london. I FEEL SO STRONGLY ABOUT THIS...

    On another note, that polaroid is amazing...does anybody make real stuff anymore?

  12. your boss is nice to give you a very retro polaroid!

  13. i luv the photos esp. the last one and you have a wonderful boss for giving you that polaroid :)

  14. A new shrine to visit when finding the places of the rich & famous in London: Ol' Cows neighbourhood! (Famous in blogland and rich in imagination and creativity)

    Ugh, any overhyped commercial activity is terrible for a place, and the Olympics must be one of the most hyped up promo events for any city in the world. I hope London and your neighbourhood keeps its quirky identity alive.


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