How High?

Waist High!

We went strolling again this Saturday.
We actually went to market but,
I am saving that post for later this week.

We wandered past a car park that contained some interesting light.
And so, it was time to stop and pose!

The walls are crumbling

But who cares?

I like my high waisted shorts, I consider this quite a find. It is jolly difficult to find high waisted items with the right fit.

Click on images for bigger pics!

The list for the "need to know"
Orange brogues from Kate Kanzier
Navy tights from Tabio
Floral print ankle socks from Tabio

Teal leather bag from Marc Jacobs
Shorts from Warehouse

White & Blue floral found at the bag of my wardrobe. I have had it about 6 years. I think I bought it in GAP.

Now come closer!
It's time for some zooooom-in deets.
Look at this:
Isn't this necklace wonderful?
A porcelain key. It went really well with my shirt.
If like me, you think it's nothing short of "WOW!"
Then keep your noses firmly in my blog,
as I will be giving one away very soon.



  1. I adore the shorts! They fit so well. I kind of hate low-waisted everything, so I'm happy that pants that hit at the waist (or higher) are come back into style.

    The porcelain key necklace is lovely :)

  2. This is such a quirky and playful ensemble, my lovely. Ah, those shoes! I agree with you on finding high wasted garments - so difficult - good on you for finding those shorts. So effortlessly chic;-)

  3. I went into Tabio for the first time thanks to you...I love it in there =D x

  4. that porcelain pendant is precious! i love it!

  5. I love the shoes. I need a pair of brogues for the winter. Fabulous outfit, as ever.

  6. your brogues really stand out colourwise! &heart; brogues, I had a fab pair and they were my fave summer walkers...

    I'll guess the we is your newlywed husband and you...so lovely. He photographes you from the eye of love, you can see that from the pictures..(that sounds quite soppy, but hey, I'm a romantic and it is good seeing love around in these times)

  7. Cute outfit! And totally agree - I love high waisted stuff but the right fit is hard to fond...I'm looking for a nice-high waisted charcoal skirt, if you come across one, tweet me please!

  8. i love your shoes, they are sooo shiny. i really need a shirt like yours haha

  9. I think those high waist shorts look very cute on you :) and you're right! it's very hard to find nice high waist shorts that fit. Glad you found one ^^

  10. Gorgeous high waisted shorts!! I with I could wear those but I am far too short :( I look ridiculous hehehe..

  11. I love your outfit! I wish I could wear highwaisted like you do :D
    The necklace is so cute~

  12. Dontchu just love crisp, white shirts? I'm all about them right now... I love how the weather is allowing me to wear them. Too bad I can't wear those high waisted shorts, I'd look like a f*ckin big assed midget. LOL

    The first photo is my favorite & ur shoes MAKE the outfit.

    I wish I had someone to take outfit photos of me since I don't have a bigger mirror!

  13. I love the outfits you put together!! You dress the way I would love to dress.

    Porcelain key..it's like having a key to your toilet..lol Randomness I know!!

  14. you look cute with your high waisted shorts! and did anyone ever tell you that you have nice toned legs? they have such a nice shape ^^ the key really finishes your look. love

  15. You know what, When I came onto here, I already was overdosed with fashion speak.
    So nice to have a break.
    GReat looks btw.

  16. i hasnt try on any high waist pants as i got short legs haha

    but they def look nice on you!

    the porcelain key is a really cute accessory

  17. Beautiful light. Beautiful location. Beautiful you. Great shots as always. Xxxx

  18. what a great fit! i tried on a few high waisted shorts but couldn't find the right fit either so i kind of gave up :P hahah. YAY FOR PRETTY LIGHT!


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