Friday's Foppery

What am I thinking?

I am thinking that I love my shiny loafers.
I bought these from Kate Kanzier on Leather Lane about a month ago.
They are really comfortable.

I like Cordelia.
This notion of "honesty to a fault" really strikes a chord with me.
I commit a book crime when reading plays, I confess that I annotate my copy so I can keep up with Shakespeare's lingo.

I think that Urban Decay Palettes can be so
cumbersome, so I depotted mine.
Oh yes I did!
I destroyed my Ammo, BOS II and NAKED palettes to put all the colours that I like in one place. In a nice sleek completely customisable Yaby Palette.
Midnight Cowboy ended up in the bin!

I think that a nice cuppa makes fings better.
This must be the cutest tea bag in the world!
Thank you MacNunu my pretty little pirate.

Have a great weekend & make sure that you pop back next week and I am planning a giveaway or few.


  1. You always find the most extraordinary things!<3
    Love the loafers, looks like they make you feel like walking on clouds!*-*

  2. Your loafers are so shiny! I am thinking about a pair of moccasins since I have read everywhere that they are warm AND comfy. And cute. Debating...

    My own copies of Shakespeare are also marked up with pen - my brain doesn't stay in Old English mode apparently.

    The depots look FANTASTIC. They fit so neatly! I don't have the nerve to do it myself though... if I end up caving on BOS3 I might have to though - two palettes like that are too too bulky!

    The tea bag is adorable!

  3. @ Ji

    I do feel like walking on clouds!

    @ Justine

    The tea bag is my fave thing today!

  4. Cutest tea bags eva. Where can i get those?!

    ps. i love all my kate kanziers too. i have a feeling that, along with my Ferragamos, I am slowly attempting to collect all them loafers in every colour. hmmmmm. x

  5. that's a TEA BAG? OMG hilariously CUTE!!! :) :) I like your shiny loafers too!

  6. Oh my, is that a tea bag? Impressive.
    Love your loafers. I've heard many good things about that Kate Kanzier. She must be chuffed with all the free publicity she's getting in the blogosphere.

  7. Oh wow, that eyeshadow palette looks so convenient! I may have to do something a bit like that with some of mine.

  8. What an utterly adorable tea bag!!! the person who got that for you must be just as adorable! xD
    glad you like it my dearest Masai teapot

  9. Cute loafers! I have a weakness for shiny black shoes, and have far too many in my possession. The tea bag is adorable, too! My first impression of the photo was that a seedling was growing out of your tea, haha ^_^

  10. Great loafers. I love that they are shiny, very chic! I love my Shakespeare too xoxo

  11. love those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the tea bag :D so cute!!!

  12. I love those loafers!
    I can't believe you depotted all those eyeshadows..I should really depot my Naked palette since I hate velvet so much...bleh..lol

  13. what a cutie tea bag!!! i love the shoes...and Shakespeare too!! Also, I think that is such a great idea to put all the colours that you like in one place XD

  14. that tea bag is adorable! I depotted my BOS I shadows last weekend - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! they fit so perfectly in the yaby palette :)

  15. oh my i saved the kate kanzier site when i read this and today as i had time, i went back to check the site... to my disappointment, the exact same shoe in shiny black is outofstock... my size NOoooooOOOOOOOOOoooo ... it looks too gd to give up.:( need to act faster nxt time boohoo. thanks for sharing tho xx

  16. gorgeous! love how you depotted everything, brilliant. that cuppa is cuuute! :D and i quite detest midnight cowboy as well.


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